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:: Saturday, October 19, 2002 ::

B r o k e n L i n k s

Thank you to everyone who emailed me recently about the broken links on Interim and Renascence. I'm working on fixing the problem now and hope to have it done shortly. It appears that the files 'dropped off' tripod. They were uploaded with everything else, but they're not there now... so I'm working on finding the back ups (multiple fatal computer crashes make finding old files difficult). Bear with me. If I don't have the problem fixed within an hour, I'm taking down the links to Renascence and Interim until everything works.

Thanks again for the reports, guys, I really appreciate them!
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:: Wednesday, July 10, 2002 ::

V i n X p e r i e n c e  B e t t e r  T h a n  E v e r ...

VinXperience is a 'one-stop shop' for Vin Diesel news. From movies to news, this site has it. Check it out now!
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:: Thursday, July 04, 2002 ::

S i t e P o l i s h i n g C o n t i n u e s

One by one the broken links are being fixed! Other small, annoying errors are being slayed too. The site still works, no files are down, but if you do experience a problem, please let me know.

The mirror site is coming along well, three stories have been re-formatted and more to follow. When this is complete, the site will be launched.

P i t c h B l a c k S l a s h

Yes, I am creating a Pitch Black Slash site and am currently hunting down authors and fics. If you have something you would like to contribute, send it on over! ETA on this site: one week.
:: Ally 1:50 AM [+] ::

L a t e s t  N e w s !

Stay in the Light by Meg. Uploaded today. This story is COMPLETE! Read it now!

Congratulations to Ardath Rekha for completing her wonderful Pitch Black fic, The Apprentice. Chapters 1 through 59 are available on this site and #60 will be up the moment I receive it! Well done, Ardath!

To all the wonderful people at the AoVD: we love you! Your hard work in making possibly the single greatest Vin Diesel fan site is appreciated! We hope you find a happy ending!

Submissions are welcome... find out how by clicking the appropriate link...

And finally... I am aware that there are a few linking errors on some stories. I am in the process of finding and fixing them, but this is a hard task considering the number of individual files on site. Please be patient while I hunt the little buggers down. If you see one, let me know and I will kill it! Email me, or find me on ICQ (#162548305) or AIM (allygatorsaurus). Thank you for your patience and I do apologise for any inconvenience these pesky little links have caused!
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This is a test! A SpunkySaurus kind of test!
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