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Me! ::jumps up and down, waving arms:: I'm Pesky!

Doesn't explain much, does it? Why Pesky? Why Gnomes? Why not???

Those adorable little creatures apparently:

  • create mischief
  • are hard to find and,
  • mend socks.

I seem to have met two out of the three judging criteria, so I deemed myself to be a Pesky Garden Gnome (and no, I don't mend socks).

I love writing. I write in several fandoms under a psuedonym (oh, they are heavenly!) because I can and because I am after all, hard to find.

I also enjoy reading, with Robin Hobb, Anne McCaffrey, Stephen King and Frank Herbert among those lucky few whose works grace my bookshelf.

Fan fic is my other reading love - it is my mission to read the ENTIRE MA archive before I get grey hair. I flounce about other fandoms, but my main reading tastes seem to gravitate towards The Master and His Apprentice, which brings me to my next love:


GL may own them, but I will play with them and Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are the focus of the poetry on this site, although they are applicable to many fandoms.

And that's me. The uncomplicated, easy to read version!


  Pesky Garden Gnome -> Who the &*^% is Pesky?

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