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Ally, Ally, Ally - Oi Oi Oi!

Ally is the Aussie with the Golden Computer. She is my web designing friend who built this little 'ole page for me and stuck it on her site.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

She is also a fic writer who writes for the Pitch Black and Star Wars TPM (Waa Hoo!) fandoms.

She has three sites of her own that I am going to plug, because they are awesome, just like Ally (do I get brownie points for this, Al?).

#1 is Pitch Black Fan Fiction, a collection of Pitch Black fic from authors Ally loves.

#2 is Ally's Realm of Star Wars and Pitch Black, containing ALL her fan fic (or at least the ones she wants us to see).

#3 is Reality Dysfunction's Lyric Page. Reality is Ally and Ally is Reality and this is her site of angsty lyrics that have helped inspire both her bad moods and fics alike.

And... Ally has asked me link to her LJ and cause I am so sweet, here it is:

#4 is Ally's Live Journal

And so, once again, my HUGEST thanks to Ally for volunteering her time to make this site for me, I know how much you whine about having to 'code' plain text, so I am grateful! Thanks buddy!


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