Pesky Garden Gnome -> Unrequited?

Deeper than friendship

Beyond family

Almost tangible

This contradiction

As soft and beautiful

As it is strong and fierce


Pining through the day

With night comes the longing

Of something unrequited

Perhaps not

To speak of it


But there it is

There it does stand

The heart most true

To one it belongs


His love

His heart

His soul



I am among those who get inspired at the weirdest moments. This poem was spawned from one of those. I was walking home from the library at uni when I heard the voice of the pining lover in my head. The voice of someone who wanted, yet couldn't have, not because it is wrong to love, burn and want, but because it isn't exactly right either.

My first poem other than some really bad ones that were assignments in grade eight. A decent effort on my part.

  Pesky Garden Gnome -> Unrequited?

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