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They would judge me for loving you

They would judge me for wanting

But it is my heart, my love, my want

That they would label

Seeking to call love a perversion

When I see nothing but beauty and light

They would judge me if I confessed

Revealed all and lay my soul to bare

But it is my heart, my love, my soul

That they would belittle

Shouting harsh criticisms and accusations

Tainting that which is mine, yours

They would judge me for desiring

Become the jury, the executioners

My heart, my love, my life

Exhibit one - proof of carnal sin

They cry that it is wrong for me to love you

Yet this love is all I know

They would judge me for needing

Collective heads shaking, mouths grim

My heart, my love, mine

As I am yours, always, forever

And they would curse and despise me

But I wouldn't, couldn't care

You judge me for loving you, wanting you

Confessing, desiring, needing

My heart, my love, my life, my soul, more

And you judge me despite them

Despite their hate, their confusion, their fear

You judge me guilty of loving you

Then you confess to me of your love

Your want, your desire, your need

Unconcerned with their morals, their rules

Their indignation and intolerance

And I judge you as guilty as I

And despite everything, all reason, all rules, we love


This poem came out of a musing that started with the Erotica vs Porn debate that has been raging on MA during the month and then drifted into homophobia and how many people try to enforce their morals on others. I ask these people:

Is it wrong to love and by whose standards should we judge others?

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