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One of the hardest things to do is humble yourself and tell the truth.

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We met in 1992 at Belelville High Scghool officially, but we had actually met more than 2 dozen times by her grandparents/my great grandparents houses.  Although, we didn't realize our connections until after having dated more than a year.
We made the mistake of not maintaining our abstinence and it threw our lives into turmoil and chaos. This lead deeper and deeper into the Darkness, until the pain was to ghreat to avoid the Truth; that God will have His way, one way or another!

With each challenge we have encountered, we became stronger in our faith.  Homelessness, poverty, affairs, Satanism! How many tribulations? More than we care to say, but here we are!
God has placed us here, to help show how twisted and tangled the Path can be without His Grace.

RCOS * 216 park rd. * Townville * SC * 29689