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All Pow-Mia's Still Left Behind
should be awarded
The Medal of Honor
For Bravery Beyond the call of
Because Their Bravery & FAITH
When they answered
went WAY Beyond
the Call.
This is for You

Since the  Last
Years: Days: Hours: Mins: Secs:
Acknowlaged P.O.W's Came Home

"The Wall"
A young man came home one autumn day
And saw a tear in his woman's eye.
She handed him a letter & turned away to cry
Uncle Sam said he needed him
Theres a tough job to be done
You'll have to leave your wife behind,
With a child yet to come.
After twelve long months, in a foreign land
his time was short
The wife and child he left behind
Kept tearing at his heart
Each morning he marks off those days
And now theres only one
When the sun comes up he'll head for home
to his wife and baby son
But a call comes down for volunteers
Need to help some buddies out
that he would stay and fight
another day there was never any doubt
There are men alive in the world today
That remembers that man so
They had a chance to come back home
Its a debt they'll always owe
Now a young man stands in the cold
and rain,searching for a name
His mom told him of the day
He answered his nations call
Now he proudly stands and lifts his hand,
to touch his name upon

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