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Long time eh? Sorry about lack of information... i havent had

time in a long while with school, sports, friends, and other

things. I have just started working again on my new site. Im

about 1/2 way done now. I am aware that the video clips on this

site are down, they will not be fixed as any other thing will

not be fixed. My new site will be much easier to navigate and

much more original content such as video clips and information.

I also am NOT taking award entries so do not email me or they

will be imediatly deleted. Once my new site officially opened

it will be posted here. I am sorry for the delay. My best guess

on when it will open is late spring to summer 2001. Until then...


Well, as you can see i broke 50,000 hits on my site today so

I thought i should update you on how my NEW site is going now

everything is working now and im starting up on the page again.

Ive gotten quite a bit done now. I am in the process of writing

the info at the moment. The new site WILL be done sometime this

summer so chick back in a few weeks or so. Until then please click

the banner on the top to support my site while im making the new one,

thanks. Oh and by the way, the new one is 100 times better than this

one, seriously.


The new page is coming along very nicely. I should be

able to get a big chunk of it done this weekend since

i have friday and next monday off of school for Easter,

which kicks ass! Peace out : )


I changed what i have of my new page around. I

didnt have much time to work on it but its going well.

Go here if you want to check what i got of it done.

Also, dont email me about any broken links on files,

i will not be updating this page anymore!!!


Ok, im in the process of designing my new page.

Its going to be so much better than this. I dont

have much done yet but if you wanna see the title

image and sidebar i have done so far go here.

Its not much yet since i just got the prog and started

working on it today, but itll get there. Also please click

my banners to support my site. Or join Alladvantage

and use it because it pays you to just simply surf

the web! Ive gotten 4 checks from them already!


Woohoo!!! I just got my cable modem!! I dloaded

Photoshop 5.5 and im starting to get the hang of it.

My new layout/page is on the way! Keep checking back

to see my progress! Oh and i have just been informed

that my last 3 dates are messed up :( They were all supposed

to be 2000 not 1999 lol. Fixed that


I know its been a while.... but im gonna be getting a

cable modem soon. That means ill be getting Photoshop.

This POS page will be completely redone. There wont really

be any major updates for a while except a whole new look

within the next month. So i didnt give up on this page for the

people who think i did.




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