Potara Fusion

The Potara Fusion had been lost for a long long time. This Fusion was used by the Kaioshins for a long time. It is about 100 times stronger than the fusion dance. This fusion was supposedly permanent but it wore off because of unexpected conditions. This Fusion was used by Goku and Vegeta to make Vegetto.


- Both people who want to perform the fusion must have a pair of Kaioushin earrings.

- The two people must wear the earrings on opposing ears.

- Each person must have had this type of fusion once in a lifetime.


Fusion Dance

Goku learned this dance at the end of the Cell Game before Gohan started going toThe Orange Star High School. This fusion is performed when the two participants do a a dance in a certain order to create a new, stronger being. The new warrior will have the attacks of both individuals. But this fusion is much weaker compared to the Potara Fusion. This fusion is also harder to do because the dance has to be perfect. Such as when Vegeta stuck out his thumb instead of his index finger which resulted in a Fat Gogeta, or deformed fusion. The 2 beings that have been made in the series out of the Fusion Dance are Gotenks, a fusion of Goten and Trunks, and Gogeta, a fusion of Goku and Vegeta.


- Both people must have the same in build, size and power level. The power level isn't that big if a factor because the warriors have learned to control their own strength so they can easily have the same strength as the other.

- The dance must be performed perfectley. Any slight movement or misplaced body part in the dance results in a defective fusion.

- The fusion will last for 30 minutes. After that the being will split and the two individuals will return to their normal selves. The only negative part of it is if they want to split before 30 minutes, it is not possible. Also, there is no way to extend the time limit.

(Gotenks SSJ3 on the left and Gogeta SSJ on the right)