Here you will find most of the frequently asked questions of my page


What program did you use for your site?

I use Macromedia Dreamweaver 2

Do you sell videos and other DragonBall stuff?


How old are you?


Are you a boy or girl?


Where do you live?

Stevens Point, WI - USA

Want some pictures from me?

No, i do not like d-loading big emails(unless its an award)

Can you send me some pictures?


Can I borrow your stuff?

Yes, mostly everything except the graphics on my site that i made

Would you like to join my top sites/RPG/etc.?


Why are you ignoring my e-mails?

You are either really anoying or its answered on this page. Although almost all get answered

Why won't you link me?

You either have to much copied stuff or its just not good enough quality. No offense intended.

Can I buy anything from you?


Can I link you on my page?

Go ahead!

Can i link to some files on your site?

No, you may take them and put them on your own server but please do not link to them.

Could you help me out with some HTML stuff?
Sorry nope, i just dont have enough time with school/sports/friends
How many episodes of DB/Z/GT are there?
Dragonball: 153
DragonballZ: 291

DragonballGT: 64

What if the answer to my question isnt on this page?
Email me!