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I am sorry that a lot of this has nothing to do with battlebots. My freind has been nagging me to change all of this onto one page and the rest on this page. I will as soon as I find any time.

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Welcome to my page. This is the best battlebots page in the world. Anyway, I'm introducing my robot to you. I call it the "The Bug" because it has a very large claw as a weapon. After grabbing its opponent it pounds them into oblivion with it's pnumatic hammer. If you think my 'bot is cool go to The Klaw's page This is my best freinds page about Battlebots and his light weight robot "The Klaw" When we work together he is ALWAYS captin because I like to be the stunt dummy.

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Bleow looks blank, but I cant fix that. Really this is a link to "Kill Kitty" a popular game from killfrog. Please click to keep my page running.