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I'm about to tell you about all the things I love. so listen to me cause I SAID SO!

Harvest Moon 64

This is the best n64 game EVER invented. If you are sick and tired of all those annoying killing games, PLAY THIS! In this game you can get married and have kids but guess what... It's rated E kewl huh? Geting married isn't so easy becaues certain girls only like certain things so you can get a girl preety ticked off with you. ALSO other guys will marry your girl if your not quick enough. You work on a farm growing diffrent crops as the seasons change. There are also festivels, Church serveises, egg hunts on Easter, Christmas, Dog races, Cow judging, Horse races, Theifs that rob from you, Odd jobs, flower shop, pawn shop, grocery store, a BAR, fireworks, an craft shop, other neighberhood kids, a home expander, a mail box, link two N64's togather to talk and trade to each other, raise cows sheeps chickens, gambiling, movie stars vist your home sometimes, you can get into a fight, you can fish, you WILL get yelled at by your wife if you don't get home early enough, your animals WILL die if you don't care for them and... I could go on forever so just trust me! and because its only $35.99 its the best game ever made by man! Plus no memory card or expansion pack is needed. If somehow possible I MIGHT get them to sponser me.

Magic the Gathering card game

Even though this is the same people who made the diaster of all card games we know as Pokemon, Magic the gathering is the KING of all card games. Even though there are a crud load of rules I memorized most of 'em because they are east to remeber. This has a LOT of stratgey (you can always win under ANY circumstance, unlike Pokemon Ex. pokemonn you get a good hand you win. Magic you get a sucky hand you might win or you might lose it ALL DEPENDS ON YOUR STRATEGY!). I can beat my freinds well delvoloped counter spell deck with a five color wimpy deck thrown together in about 5 min. Magic is an Awsome game for beginners take my advice and.. BUY A STUPID BEGINERS DECK I don't know how many beginers i've played that think they can handle the complication of a large black deck!

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