John Charles Alder

Professionally Known as "Twink"

About Twink: Born in Colchester, Essex, England, 29 November 1944.

"Both sides of my family were very musical. My grandmother on my father's side was a concert pianist and soloist (which I'm very proud of). I was always interested in music. Then came rock and roll, which was a jumpstart."

"I love movies, too. I was always interested in entertainment --- movies, radio, television, variety, theater, opera. You name it, it intrigued me. So, I was walking around town one Thursday afternoon and there was a movie showing at The Hippodrome on High Street in Colchester (one of Charlie Chaplin's first stage appearances was there) called ROCK AROUND THE CLOCK (1956) with Bill Haley and The Comets, The Treniers, Freddie Bell and The Bellboys, etc. I hadn't heard anything about rock and roll at the time so I thought, "Well, great." I was interested in skiffle but I wasn't involved in it yet. So I went in and saw the movie and it was BANG! The music itself made a great impact on me and that was it."

About the website: The website is conveniently segmented into brief histories of the major bands with which Twink has been involved, namely, Tomorrow, The Pretty Things, and The Pink Fairies. The many other bands and personalities relate to these three main bands and are mentioned when appropriate.

Mainly, the site is here online for you fans in order to let you know all that has happened and all that will happen in connection with this talented and incredibly generous musician. Also, we have included rare photos from Twink's private collection as well as a merchandise page with all sorts of goodies to delight one and all. So stay tuned in (not tuned out), there's more to come!

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