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For Science Teachers

Physics Demonstrations and Experiments (ready to use)

Sprott Physics Demonstrations

Physics Lab Manual

Basic Physics



Virtual Physics Simulations (online)

Many Java Applets The Applet Collection PhysicsWeb Physics Modules Physics Applets (U. of Oregon)
Java Applets on Physics Science Joy Wagon ThinkQuest C.M. Physics Demos
NTNU Sim Library Physics Lessons Physlets Ippex Physics Modules
Interactive Library Compiled Virtual Physics Laboratory The Applet Collection American Physical Society
Many Applets Nuclear Applets      


Virtual Physics Simulations for Download (free)



Physics Tutorials

 (every topic)
The Physics Classroom (every topic)
ThinkQuest (every topic)



Virtual Chemistry Simulations

Titration Gas Laws Sim Pressure Chamber


Chemistry Experiments and Ideas

Davidson College Chem Site (various experiments) Chemistry Coach Home Experiments The Catalyst
Chemistry Experiments At Home Chemistry Exp. Intro to Chemistry Websites