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Honors Physics / Chemistry

Mr. Dollins

Daily Required Material


1) something to write with(pencil preferred-NOT RED)

2) notebook and folder

3) calculator(Graphing calculators will not be allowed on a test or quiz)

4) book - detention the second time it is not brought to class

5) protactor and ruler(later)


Homework , Tests, and Labs

1) Cheating on homework will not be tolerated. School handbook will be followed in such cases.

2) Homework is due at the beginning of class. If not turned in at the beginning it is late. Whether one minute or one day it is considered late.

3) One late homework is allowed per quarter with a 30% reduction in grade-zeros thereafter.

4) In the event of a pre-excused absence, you are required to turn in any homework due the day of the absence ahead of time. The same works for quizzes and tests unless arrangements have been made with me. There is the possibility of a reduction in grade on the test if the above is not followed. *

5) There will be no extra time for tests. No passes to next class.

6 ) You are expected to participate in all labs and demonstrations. All lab groups will have only 2 people. I may make an exception once in a while. Don't assume.

7) You are not allowed to work on homework from other classes in this class unless you are finished with the current days assignment. In the future, there will be time given to you to work on homework assigned in this class. If you fail to use the time, you will lose it in the future. There will be a lot of homework assigned in this class.

8) On days that you are absent when homework was due, the homework is to be turned in at the beginning of class when you return.

9) In the event you are absent from this class but were present for other parts of the day, it is as if you were here in this class and homework is expected to be turned in that day. Any later it will be considered late.

10) Pick-up homework on the way into class on the ledge.


Classroom Rules

1) All school rules are in effect and will be enforced.

2) No passes to other classes

3) Guidance appointments are not to be scheduled during this class

4) Dress appropriately

5) In the event of a pre-excused absence-I want to be informed

6) No talking while I am talking or lecturing. Be courteous to fellow classmates.

7) Be in seat when the bell rings. If you are standing in the hall when the bell rings, you are late

8) No food or drinks allowed in class

9) There is a limit to restroom passes per quarter. You will be issued 5 and you must sign out each time

10) Lab fees are $10. Due by the end of the first full week

11) Any other rules may be added if deemed necessary



1st offense: warning

2nd offense: detention

3rd offense: referral

4th offense: trip to the office and a call to parents