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  • Ken Hammon (The first alien to get his head shot off by Barry) died 23 times in an assortment of diguises.

  • The reason why the aliens head go flat at the top was that so they could go into his mums oven with about an inch to spare for baking

  • Most of the guns were made of cardboard, aluminium tubing and some Fimo.  The machete that goes into someones head was a bit of card, some ice-lolly sticks and a pipe for blood.

  • There was no written script to the film, they basically made it up as they went along.

  • The telephone hanging fron the wires at the beginning of the film was there when the crew turned up for filming, no-one knew how it got there but decided it would tie in with the Kaihoro resident getting killed in the phonebox.

  • Pete O'Herne had not shaved on the morning of the first shoot so he had to keep up that look for the all the following shoots, for four years.