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    This page of the Perfect Corner site is dedicated to some downloads that I have created for FIFA 2001. So far, I have made only different types of soccer balls for FIFA 2001. I am planning to make a few club kits and maybe even some faces of various players in the future. Here are the files that you may download if you want to play with these different balls:

Note: Click on the name of the ball to view a a picture of it and click the download link to download the ball.


Adidas Tricolore Matchball- My first attempt at making a ball. It isn't very good but it's not really bad either. Download!

Adidas Tango Tournoi Ball- My second ball file. This ball is pretty good and looks a lot better than my Tricolore Matchball. Download!

Adidas Tango Take Off 3 Ball- My third ball file. This is my most successful ball and looks quite good aswell. Download! 

Adidas Tango Take Off 5 Ball- My fifth ball file. Very stylish ball and looks better than most of the other balls. Download!


Adidas Tango Stadium Ball- My fourth ball file. Very simple, but effective ball which looks better than many other balls I've created.

Adidas Tango Take Off 1 Ball- My sixth ball file. Looks great and has good coloration. One of my favourites.


Adidas Tango Take Off 2 Ball- My seventh (future) ball download for you guys. Very striking colours and will be one of the best balls I ever make. 

    These are all my downloads and they took a long time to make. If you like any of them, feel free to download and use in play. If you would like to see more downloads, please link to this site and tell your friends about it. Thanks.

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