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If you're a British Party of Five fan then you probably know by now the situation. If you don't check out the
Channel 4 Forum. Basically, when season 4 was nearing its end C4 promised us that the new series of Party of Five be shown. The months passed and nothing came our way in the shape of a new series of our beloved programme. It wasn't until I checked the Forum site sometime in May that I found out Po5 had suposedly been axed. This is obviously a disaster but fair enough. The Big Wigs at C4 have obviously completely lost it and don't care at all about their loyal viewers. Except they are keeping their mouths firmly shut as to whether they actually do or do not have the series. Either that or giving out ridiculous replies like for example, Season 5 doesn't
actually exist, when we know that season 6 - maybe the last:( - has just started filming. Not only that but C4 actually offered us season 5 in a phone vote.....on Dawsons Creek Day....then denied it all and said they were only offering repeats. I have evidence. How could they offer to show a programme they do not have or could not get the rights to.

If that wasn't bad enough, three days after the fixed vote I received this email from Channel 4 viewer enquiries:

Thanks for your feedback which we read with interest.

PARTY OF FIVE was abandoned in the USA and we were under the impression that
there was no new series to buy. However, they may have changed their minds
and we will negotiate for rights if and when they become available.


Now we are back to "We have no plans to buy the rights at present" OR "We have no plans to buy the rights" (at all?).

There is only one way this is going to get sorted. We have to annoy Channel 4 as much as possable, by any means possible until we get a straight answer. This is the sort of fantastic quote that keeps us Po5 fans together.

"If CH4 think they can beat us into submission with silence I think they're 2 people short of a PARTY OF FIVE episode!!!" Spaceman.


Since Channel 4's illegal vote rigging sham, ITC can't help but listen to our campaign. See Spaceman's page for more info. At present the reply form on the ITC site is not working. However, ITC do have two email addresses that seem to be alright. Please use them as C4 can't ignore the regulators:

If its a meaningless, laughable response, if any, you want e-mail

Channel Four Television
60 Charlotte Street
London W1P 2AX.

or: Director of Television
Channel Four Television
124 Horseferry Road
London SW1P 2TX

PHONE: 0171 631 4444 - I think Wednesday is the tea boys day off.

Right to reply is starting back up in October. I think they would be interested in what we had to say:

Trouble is the channel currenly showing season 2 repeats seven days a week (yes seven!!). Please contact them just to say thanks. You never know, they may even show season 5

As Channel 4 is obviously not listening to us, maybe it would be a good idea to try and get another channel to show season 5.

Viewer and Listener Complaints:
Channel 5:

Sony Pictures, the company that make Party of Five has a contact address for the UK:

Columbia Tristar Television
Sony Pictures Europe House
25 Golden Square


Fox Television is

Fox Network
PO Box 900
Beverly Hills
CA, 90213.

High Productions
10202 W.Washington Blvd
Garland Building
Culver City, CA 90232

Lifetime is the American cable channel currently showing repeats. I don't know how useful this is but its worth a try:

Party of Five has its own e-mail address:

If everyone keeps on writing enough letters we will get an answer eventually. Keep the faith.

If there is any new info out there please mail me: