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Prospective buyers,

The horses we have available are healthy and on a regular vaccination, worming and trimming program.  Any and all pertinent information regarding the horses health, riding level and or breeding history  past, present or future is provided to the extent that PHR has knowledge.  BUYERS have the right and we encourage them  to have any horse they are considering purchasing to be vet checked at their expense.  PHR will charge a fee of $25.00 for gas expense to vet clinics  outside of a  25 mile radius or you can have a vet come to the ranch.  

 If you are seriously interested in PURCHASING a horse please feel free to contact us.  Any video requests  will be charged a  $20.00 deposit for providing the video and it is refundable when the video is returned or can be placed towards the purchase price of the horse.  We try  to make the purchasing  experience a good one for the serious buyer.

All horses are UTD on all vaccinations, worming including west niles virus.   Prices are subject to change at anytime.

Thank you
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