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There are 3 reasons for
establishing the
[1] To have a positive place to remember our children in. Bereaved parents fear their child will be forgotten.

[2] Bereaved parents, regardless of race or denomination, have strong, common bonds. Now we can meet together once a year in one place that reminds us of life.

[3] The community now has a place to come together to support bereaved parents and show you care.

Our Childrenís

In Coalition with
Mecklenburg County
Parks & Recreation

How can you be involved?

[1] Order a brick for your child, grandchild, brother or sister, a friendís child, etc.

[2] Arrange a presentation with your company, Sunday School, social club or other group.

[3] Become a Corporate Sponsor.

[4] Adopt a cherry tree, or donate funds for dwarf holly, monkey grass, etc.

[5] Sponsor a parent who canít afford a brick for their child.

[6] Make a gift to the Walkway.

Our Childrenís Memorial Walkway, Inc. is recognized by the IRS as a nonprofit corporation under Code 501(c)(3). EIN: 56-2190748

The death of a child is a terrible thing.
In Mecklenburg County, we lose someone between newborns to 35 years old on the average of every 26 hours. Some die a natural death perhaps due to SIDS or leukemia. Sometimes children on bicycles get hit by cars. Some are murdered.

No matter how your loved one has died, it still hurts. Parents arenít supposed to bury their children: just the opposite. One way to aid in healing from the loss of a child of any age is to do something to honor their memory.

Mecklenburg County has approved the use of a portion of Frazier Park to establish a memorial for the large number of young ones who die in our city.

Local grief support groups to administer this program have formed the Our Children's Memorial Walkway Trustee Board.

The plan is to place bricks engraved with a child's name at this site and once a year have a memorial service there as we add new engraved bricks for new families. Parents, grandparents or brothers and sisters may honor the memory of their loved one. Included in the plans are cherry trees for shade, benches to rest on and a small monument to be located at the center. Corporate sponsers are accepted.

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