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Task: You were recently on holiday with some friends when your car broke down in a small town which none of you had visited before.

Write a letter to an English speaking friend

Look at the title carefully.

 The main event is in the past, so you will be writing mainly in PAST tenses. 

Remember to write a short friendly paragraph at the end. 

VOCABULARY WHICH COULD BE USEFUL (link the words to find the meaning. Click here to find the answers
 engine  holds the water that cools the engine
 mechanic  the part of the car that causes it to move
 breakdown truck when water turns to gas
 to tow  what happens when the engine suddenly stops
 to stall  the way to describe a strange metallic noise in your engine
 radiator the vehicle that takes your car to the garage
 steam this produces the electricity for your car
 battery when  liquid escapes through a small hole
 clunk clank  to pull another car behind yours
 leak  his job is mending cars

      Use the rest of this page to plan your writing