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"In the City Of Darkness, where the spirit of the times is an insatiable lust for flesh and blood, a hero stands alone. You are Darksheer, and your nemeses will stop at nothing: The vampiric Succubus, Tophat the magician, the masochistic Master Macabre and their demonic allies have joined forces to indulge in fantasies of carnage worthy only of the end of time. Electronic Arts presents Noctropolis, a beautifully rendered, adult graphic adventure about the grisly things you dream."

This page was created purely in appreciation of the game Noctropolis. It doesn't mean to capitalize on any of the financial revenue received from the product (ie. I'm not in it for the money), but merely let it be known that this is a great game and everyone should play it.

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Important Note: Many Noctropolis gamers have e-mailed me with problems regarding the sound in Noctropolis. The problem is that the speech and sound effects in the game sound choppy or stuttery and are out of synch with the video. However, the music sounds fine. I have encountered this problem with just about everyone I know who has ever played the game. It's a game fault that was never fixed. I don't know of any way to fix it, but you can still play the game by going to the game settings and turning on closed text captioning.

Update (16/10/2002): Brian Dougherty writes,

Hi Scott.
I was surfing your excellent game site on Noctropolis (a perennial 
favourite of mine, since 1996) when I cam across the problems mentioned 
with the sound in the game. I have experienced it too and found a way 
around it. You might want to add this as a site update if you think its 
worth it.
My present computer has a Sound Blaster PCI sound card which is the 
equivilent to a sound blaster 16. I have played the game many times over 
the years on several ISA sound cards and never had noise problems until I 
got to this one. I noticed that during the game installation, the installer 
would recognize my card as an SB 16, so I thought nothing of it, until I 
encountered the choppy sound. It seemed to have detected all of my card's 
settings correctly, both is Win98 and DOS, so I couldn't figure out what 
was wrong.
My fix is actually pretty simple. I love this game and got fed up with the 
garbled sound, so I started tinkering with it. Even though the installer 
didn't automatically select it, I found that I could get it install as if I 
had a Sound Blaster Pro by placing an "X" in the apropriate box, though the 
box was not green in colour like one of the "recognized" card types. Sure 
enough, the next time I ran the game, the sound was fine. So, as far as I 
can tell, the 8 bit sounds drivers, such as Sound Blaster or Sound Blaster 
Pro seem to be pretty much bug free. It is the 16 bit drivers, for the SB 
16, 32 or AWE that give the grief. This fix works for me in both DOS and 
Feel free to have any of your readers who have SB cards try it out for 
themselves and let me know if it works. I hope this helps a few people, 
since this game is really worth playing with working sound.
Brian Dougherty

Disclaimer: If the makers of this game or any of the documentation included with it disapprove of any of the screen shots or text being used in this page, please contact the owner immediately, and I will gladly remove it. Software Copyright 1994 Flashpoint Productions Inc. All rights reserved. Manual Copyright 1994 Electronic Arts. All rights reserved. Noctropolis is a registered trademark of Electronic Arts. Vermot Electronic Book Engine Copyright 1994, 1995 Modern Age Books, Inc. All Rights reserved.

Author: Scott Brady
Date Created: 1 May 1997
Last Updated: 16 Oct 2002