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Phoebe Snow

Phoebe Snow existed as a advertising campaign 50 years before the named train began service.  It was a landmark in advertising.  The colorful prints and clever jingles were as well known as modern era commercials - but with only the print media and billboards to present the concept.  There were dozens of different jingles and ads that appeared from 1900 until 1917, when the DL&W stopped burning Anthracite. 

After 1917, the name was used sparingly.  Phoebe was re-born when the Lackawanna started running Electric Service from Hoboken.  Finally, in 1949, Phoebe finally got her train, as the replacement for the Lackawanna Limited.   At the same time, rolling stock began to get the Phoebe Snow name as well.

Here are a few of the cards from that set.




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During the height of the advertising campaigns, the character of Phoebe Snow would be played by various models.   These models would be recognized as celebrities and had quite a fan base.