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Welcome to my Rabbit GTi site. Thank you for stoping by, enjoy the site and don't forget to sign my Guestbook.

On this web page you will find a variety of things. There will be a Gallery for VW's, a links section, VW classifieds, VW Rabbit of the Month, a message board, a links to my club (VW Rabbit GTi Soulja's) and a section dedicated to the 83-84 Rabbit GTi.

Nel's Rabbit GTI MENU

Nel's Rabbit GTI Message Board

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Just a good ole Rabbit...never meaning no harm!

Midi's will be changed ever so often. Please email me w/ a suggestions.



This is some informations about about me. I live in Virginia, close to D.C. I own a 1984 Rabbit GTi(white and lovely). I have only got a Techtonics Exhuast, but more future upgradesClick here to see the Rabbit Of the Month

Here are Manufacture Links and Interesting links

(some links might not be in my link section)

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Tom's Import Site

How to contact me

You can catch me on mIRC in #cars. My mIRC name is RabbitGTi. If you have AOL Instant mesenger my name is ImFamusNeL!Drop me a line.

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