Tri Geek Spreadsheet

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The Tri Geek Spreadsheet is available for download at no charge.  However, if you like it, please consider donating $5-10 to the Lance Armstrong Foundation.  To download, right click the spreadsheet image below and choose save target as.  If you send a donation to the Lance Armstrong Foundation, please send me an e-mail ( so that I can keep track of the funds raised by this effort.  Thanks for helping to support a great organizaion!


Mike Prevost, Ph.D.

The Tri Geek Spreadsheet includes a training log with monthly summaries and graphs, and several calculators including a training cycle planner, a hydration calculator, training zones calculator, VO2 max bike and run calculator, body fat calculator, run pace and VO2 max, energy expenditure for run, bike and swim, a sodium calculator, caloric requirements calculator, race carbohydrate calculator, cycling power VS heart rate, calorie weight loss calculator, carbohydrate/protein/fat calculator, swim add ups and a race pace calculator.  There are various charts, graphs and add ons throughout the spreadsheet.  


Tri Geek Spreadsheet



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