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Revamped the links page a bit and added several news links to it (as well as taking out several). Be sure to check out the links to clips that Mumbleboy made for Maxi-On! Also, finally added some more viewer art to the bonus page.


2-19-02: mimi
Tomoko sent me more lyrics, and I now have all the Chat Chat lyrics posted!


2-19-02: point of viewpoint
still nothing much new to report, unofortunately...  However, I have finally posted lyrics to Takako's cover version of "Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa", off of Chat Chat. Special thanks go out to Tomoko, who sent me said lyrics!

By the way, Takako's voice is sampled a bit on the Cornelius CD, "Point". go by it! You won't be disappointed...


8-10-01: ...
crap. Sorry about the extreme lack of updates lately... I've been supa-busy, and haven't really heard much new about Takako. Well, I added onto the links page.

Oh yeah! I forgot to mention. The name of Takako & Keigo's baby is Mairo. if you know them somehow, congradulate them on thier recent addition to thier life!


3-19-01: let your voice be heard, er, I mean, let your text be read.
Got a new, and much more versatile forum for the site. On the forum, I go under the handle of "minekawa". aagh, I still haven't gotten around to writing a summary of Maxi On. I will soon though!

Also, if you haven't noticed yet, I revamped the main page and have a new little intro. If you still want to view the old version, I kept it here for posterity. The new design is more minimalistic, but I like it. ...and it's still blue!


2-21-01: chat chat
I didn't really like the old chat room, so I got a new one, and you can visit it here.


2-3-01: userfriendly
Well, I finally bought Maxi On. I haven't had it long enough for it to really soak in yet, so I'll have a summary of it soon... As for work around the site, you'll notice that the discography and the media pages are much more convenient to navigate now. I've set up all the thumbnails so that the full size versions pop up in a new window. I also did some general cleaning up or things... fixing up some sloppiness and whatnot.


12-23-00: January 1st, 2010?? ha hahh...
I finally added Maxi On to the discography page. It's American release has been delayed until Januray 1st, 2001, I hear, but according to this typo at, we have to wait a lot longer...  *_*  tr amusing...   Anyway, once I find a copy of Mxi On, I'll review it and post better cover scans.

by the way... I've been considering redesigning this site, but I'm not sure if I want to. I rather like it as is. but I'll add some fun new stuff for the new year...


10-9-00: Maxion in America!!
Sorry about the big ol' hiatus on news... but here's some recent stuff:

Maxion is on sale in America wednesday, November 15th! It's got bonus tracks that aren't on the Japanese version, and willhave different packaging design.


8-26-00: viceland
added another link to the links page.


8-2-00: viewer art
Ever since I created this site, I've been waiting for people to send in thier Takako-related art, & finally someone has. Go to the "extra" page to find a portrait of Takako by Mark Francisco!


7-25-00: doodle doo...
Big news! Y'know that little bit of news I refered to in my May update? The one I wasn't revealing on this site just yet... WELL, I got confirmation of it from a reliable source (a friend of Takako's), and here it is (albeit a bit out of date by now, but you guys may not know about it yet so it's okay): Takako Minekawa got married! The lucky guy is none other than Keigo Oyamada, AKA: Cornelius! They've been romantically involved for a while now. That's not all, they have a baby on the way (due in November, I hear). That's gonna be like the most creative family ever to walk the Earth, in my opinion...

Sorry about the news lately, but I don't know much more than what I last reported... My friend Yohei was helping me translate TM's official Japanese site to get new info, but he's back in Japan for the summer. When he gets back (in the middle of August), I'll have him help me give you hungry TM fans some new info goodies!


7-5-00: Marq 19
Hmmm... well, I'm back with some magazines pics of Takako that I'll add. I also finally bought the limited edition of C.C.C. Not too much new stuff to report really.  The Trattoria site has some info about Maxi On. Go here to learn about Takako's new album.  It's comin' out soon. :) 

Oh by the way, Momus's site has an mp3 preview of a song off of Maxi On. Go here!

Added pictures of Takako from Marquee issue 19, & one from Marquee issue 18. Go check 'em out on the media page.


5-13-00: Maxi On
At long last... I have some mo' info for ya.
Available August 9th! "Maxi On", a new CD by Takako! due to it's relatively low price (2000), I assume it's an EP. I'd buy it immediately, but unfortunately it comes out in Japan after I go back to the states. She collaborated with the band Daymaxion in making the album. Also, one of the tracks she did with Keigo Oyamada & one of the tracks she did solo.
Oh, that reminds me... I apologize in advance, but as of May 15th, I'll be in Japan for 6 weeks. Thus, no new updates during that time... but I should have some fun new stuff to report upon my return.

Oh yeah, by the way... I heard an interesting little bit of news, but I'm keeping my lips zipped until I find proof of it from a definite source. :)

big update! Added a lyrics section to the media page!

by the way, I tweaked the links section again. Added some links and fixed some broken ones.


3-16-00: conquering the CMJ
With the help of Yohei, here's some news off the Polystar site. (sorry I'm a bit late with this news, I was out of state at the time it was released). I of course put a few of my own embellishments in here...

Takako's reached #3 on the CMJ chart!

The US version of Fun 9 is doing well on the CMJ college charts... reaching 4th! The others at the top of that chart were Beck (#1), Modest Mouse (#2), Ani Defranco (#3), and Foo Fighters (at #5). Way to go Takako!

The February 18th show that Takako did will be broadcast on TV in Japan.
3-12-00: WEEKLY JP   20:00-21:00 PM
3-23-00: INDEX AM   8:00-9:00 AM

Also, Takako is in New York city right now recording for a NEW ALBUM!!!!! It'll be out THIS SUMMER!!!!!!!
(do I sound excited?)  She's gonna be collaborating with someone... I dunno who at the moment.


1-31-00: mo' live!
My friend Yohei  helped translate some info on upcoming live Takako Minekawa shows.... (arigato Yohei!) they sound like they're going to be fabulous! .  so here's the 411:

Tokion 3rd Anniversary Party Ebisu Milk
performers: Takako Minekawa, DJ Kuranaka, etc...
date: Feb, 11, 2000   
for info, contact Tokion.  Tokion's website is here.
The email address you can direct your mail to is   ...I think.

Style 2000 Vol. 17
performers: Takako Minekawa, Stereolab ( ! ), etc...
date: Feb, 18, 2000    doors: 18:00   starts at: 19:00
location: Shibuya Club Quattro (great club I hear!)
: Club Quattro (03-3477-8750)
            Smash (03-3444-6751)

I WANNA GO!!!!!!

If you can't see Japanese characters with your browser, don't fret, there is hope!  Union Way is software you can download to view Japanese with your browser.  To download it, go here.   If that still didn't work (Unionway isn't perfect...), go here. (the news page of TM's Polystar page)


12-29-99: new millenium... 2000 or 2001?
Hey all, I finally was able to track down a copy of the American version of Fun 9, so if you go to the discography section, you'll find a much clearer scan of the cover. I have also updated the info there a bit.   Also added some mo' linx to the links page.

I'm still upset that I wasn't able to go to that Takako Minekawa show in Tokyo on the 26th... :(

This may be my last update to the site this year unless I get some new sumptous morsel of TM news before y2k. Who knows how my computer will fare when midnight hits, but it should be fine and I should be able to update lots more. ...So I just wanted to wish all the visitors of this site a wonderful and safe new years eve/day!


12-24-99: noro noro
Just updated the links page. that's all.  Tomorrow's Christmas... I almost forgot to wish you all happy holidays! enjoy the season!


12-18-99: o to the h to the n to the o
I hear that the American version of Fun 9 contains the bonus track "Etoufe".

I just added 4 new pics to the media page.   They are from the February 1998 issue of Keyboard Magazine.  They are of Takako Minekawa, (Buffalo Daughter's) Yumiko Ohno, and one Minimoog.  charming pics.


11-28-99: dry spell...
still trying to find a copy of the American release of Fun 9, but to no avail yet... Once I get it, I'll post a higher resolution pic of it's cover.    aak...  I need news...

added on to the links page.


11-17-99: funk in the USA
today is the 17th of November... Fun 9 comes out today in America!


11-15-99: Escoufee
Apperently, the new Trattoria compilation (I don't know the exact name at the moment), has a Takako Minekawa track on it. A version of Spin Spider Spin featuring French lyrics. I'll have more info posted here as I get it.

By the way... just 2 more days until Fun 9 comes out in the USA.... keep an eye out for it!


11-4-99: goo gah..
not much TM related news that I know of today, but I added another link to the links page... check it out.


10-31-99: TM in GR 16
There is a one-page article about Takako in the latest issue of Giant Robot magazine, issue 16.  There is some pictures with it, and I have scanned them and put them on the media page. They pictures were originally published in Marquee issue 13, but now you can see them in color  :) 
Giant Robot's website is here -->


10-22-99: bape heads are now fully translated.
Okay, My pal Miyuki helped finish up the translations on the concert info. (arigato Miyuki!)  so here it is:

Bathing Ape presents Worldwide Bape Heads show
performers: Takako Minekawa (yeahhh!!!), Cornelius, Suupaakaa (Super Car ?), ze youhizu, suchaa da rappa
(those last three acts were written in katakana, and if you know about Japanese, you know that loan words can be interpreted

in different ways, so I didn't even try.  If you're really interested, and can read Japanese, please see the Japanese version below.)
date: Dec, 26, 1999    doors: 17:00   starts at: 18.00
location: Shibuya Kokai Dou  (a stage hall I guess)
tickets: 7,350 (tax included)  on sale: Nov 13th.

ordering tickets by phone:
Ticket Pier: 03-5237-9999
Lawson Ticket: 03-3569-9900
for more information: 03-5436-9600  open from: 12:00 - 19:00

The following is the info in Japanese, if your browser can read it.  If it can't then you'll just see a garbled mess:


ƒvƒŒƒCƒKƒCƒhFƒ`ƒPƒbƒg‚‚ (03-5237-9999)

If you can't see the Japanese characters, don't fret, there is hope!  Union Way is software you can download to view Japanese with your browser.  To download it, go here.

If that still didn't work (Unionway isn't perfect...), go here. (the news page of TM's Polystar page)


10-19-99: bape heads?
Well, I got some news for ya, but it's sort of incomplete.  On Takako's Polystar HP, the news for Oct. 18th says that she is gonna be playing a show with Cornelius and some others. My Japanese is not quite good enough for me to translate the entire info, but here's what I got so far:

Bathing Ape presents Worldwide Bape Heads show (funny title...)
Dec, 26, 1999    doors: 17:00   starts at 18.00
tickets 7,350   on sale Nov 13th.

Well, this is good news for you if you live in Japan... that's all I was able to understand, so maybe with my Japanese teacher's help, I'll get you info (in English), on he venue, the other performing artists, and some other important info.   If you want to see the original news realease in Japanese, go here.

I WANNA GO TO THIS SHOW!!!!!!    *snif*   *snif*


10-4-99: woooooooooooooooo......
hmmm... I fixed a broken link in the links page, but that's just about it.  I need news, people!! :-P


9-25-99: Fun 9 in the USA.  be patient...
Go to the discography page to see what the cover of the American release of Fun 9 will look like  (kind of). The image is off of the Emperor Norton site.  I blew it up a bit to fit the size theme of the rest of the page, but it looks kinda crappy... I guess for now, that's all I have for you see until the album is released on November 17th. (mark your calendars! save up money! this album is definitely worth buying!)

Oh yeah, I also (finally) updated the information/review I posted of Fun 9 in the discography page.   Fun 9 turned out to be one of my very favorite CDs, despite my initial wierdness about it.  It is a supreme recording.


9-23-99: pictures are nice.
I just added more pics to the media page and did some big revamping. go take a look...  You'll also notice that I changed the color scheme on this page a bit... I thought that that previous purple looked out-of-place.   Also added a new link to the links page.  Now you can watch the "Milk Rock" video in Real Video!  Also updated the about page, and included a banner for this site, in case you want to link to the Phonobaloon Website.


9-19-99: if you like Takako, you also might like...
You might find this of interest... when I talked to Cornelius at his show, he said he will have a new album out probably in late this year or early next year... don't quote me on this, but just keep your eyes peeled...

I added another section to the links page, with artists who are similiar to Takako. go see who's there! I also have made the links page so that all links open in a new window, so ya don't lose this site...


9-18-99: images galore
I updated the links page and added more pictures to the media page.  check 'em out!


9-16-99: polystaaaaa...
I don't really have much news fo' ya today, but the official Takako site at Polystar just got a big redesign, and they linked me! I have a smile thiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiis big on my face!


9-1-99: fun-k
The confirmed US release date for Fun 9 is Friday, November 17th. 

Also, Emperor Norton has acknowledged the error in track placement on the US version of Ximer and stated that future printings of the album will contain the proper track. (remix of Black Forest by Junior Varsity KM.)


8-25-99: Fun 9 in the states
I heard a rumor that Emperor Norton is releasing Fun 9 in America in November. Stay tuned...

added some info to the discography page.


8-24-99: little changes
just tweaking some things about the site occasionally. You'll have to excuse the infrequent news.  I'm trying...


8-14-99: (insert title here)    ...hmmm....
yup. thazz' right, I added another link to the links page.  I have been mulling over the idea of starting up a lyrics page.... what do you think?


8-13-99: mo' linktitude
I added more links of various sorts to the links page. yessiree.  Also added Takako's name in kanji to the main page. kanjimineko.GIF (180 bytes) Just for your reference  :)  Also sorta tweaked the appearance of the bio page.


8-12-99: help 'em out, if you can!
Okay, so today's news isn't really about Takako Minekawa at all, but it is about two of my favorite bands, and I wanted to help out in my small part...  Just last Friday, in Brooklyn, Cibo Matto's equipment truck was stolen. It contained a large amount (maybe all, I'm not sure) of thier music instuments and equipment, along with a lot else. Also recently, quite a bit of John Spencer Blues Explosion's equipment was stolen.  The crime against Cibo Matto was committed in Brooklyn, and JSBX was robbed in Vancouver British Colombia. Go to this site to find out what exactly was stolen. Also at this site is contact info in the event that you may have valuable tips.


8-11-99: blah, today.
I added another link to the links page, but that's all for today.


8-8-99: XIMER oddities
I bought the American release of "Ximer" earlier today. (Now all I need to complete my TM collection is the Japanese version of C.C.C.)  The remix of Cat House is quite nice, but I was a bit suprised to see that the tracks labeled as the Junior Varsity KM remix of Black Forest was actually thier remix of "Destron", a song that was originally off of Roomic Cube.  Hmm.

check out the discography page.  I added info on the American release of Ximer.


8-7-99: XIMER omake (bonuses) in America!
Well, I am a tad late in telling you this, but "Ximer" has been released in America by Emperor Norton Records. This American version has two bonus tracks: "Black Forest" remixed by Junior Varsity KM, and "Cat House", remixed by Sweet Trip.


8-3-99: Fun 9 ga arimasu.
I now have "Fun 9". Thus, I have updated the discography page with a review and some pictures. I also added a new picture to the media page.   I also added more info to the bio page.

fun9.jpg (9153 bytes) fun 9

There is a 7" single available for the song "Plash" (off of Fun 9).  Also, there is a t-shirt avaiable for Fun 9.


7-27-99: rock on Takako!
updated the bio page with some new info I have gathered.

I got the new Tokion, and I will be updating this site with little tidbits of info from it...


7-25-99: wooo boy, have I been busy...
sorry for the lack of updates recently.  two reasons: 1. I have had a lot of work lately.  2. Being in lower Michigan, I don't get a whole lot of new info on Takako.  but fear not! I will have more info soon, as I will be getting Fun 9 in the mail soon, and I shall review it... and: there is an interview with Takako in the new issue of Tokion. (issue #12).   I have a subscription, but I kinda wonder why I haven't gotten that issue... oh well, as soon as it reaches me, I shall post new info   :)


6-29-99: hmmm....
added a bunch of neato stuff to the discography page... more album art (inner sleeves), and now you can click on the thumbnail images to see a much larger, crisper version of the picture.   Also changed around the media page a bit.


6-28-99: hammering in the loose nails...
I'm just doing little tweaks on the site... so you may check in one day and see a page a certain way, then check in the next and see it different!  bear with me, as this is my first fan site...

6-27-99: NEXT IS....
The site is now done, & in the beta stage!  I submitted it to some search engines, and now I just gotta get people to know about it!


6-26-99: moooore alpha work...
Made the media page.  Made the discography page.  Made the extra page.  This site is almost done!


6-25-99: bio-logy: more alpha
by the way... When I was in Japan this year, I picked up a couple new magazines featuring Takako Minekawa.  She is on the cover of issue 13 of Beikoku Ongaku, and there is a nice, big, bilingual (Japanese & English) interview with her, concerning the creation of Fun 9 & last fall's (small) American tour.  Also, she is featured on the cover of, and prominently on the inside of, issue 13 of Marquee.  Both magazines are Japanese, so good luck trying to find them if you don't live in Japan. I will soon scan in pics from the two magazines, as there is an abundance of nice Takako photos in them.

the bio page is made.  The contact page had been made.


6-24-99: Fun 9   3,059 yen    release: 7/7/99  PSCR 5769
Takako Minekawa's new album, "Fun 9" will be released in Japan on July 7th (1999). The majority of the album is produced by Takako, but there are 3 tracks produced by Cornelius (aka: Keigo Oyamada), and 3 tracks produced by Sukia. 
Here is the track listing:

01. Gently Waves
02. Plash *
03. Flow in a Tide
featuring M. Endoh from Citrus
04. Fantastic Voyage **
05. Tiger **
06. Shh Song
07. Spin Spider Spin *
08. Flash *
09. Fun 9 (French)
10. Soft Graffiti
11. Fancy Work Funk **

Produced by Takako Minekawa
*Produced by Cornelius
**Produced by Sukia

I have previewed three tracks off of this album, and they sound niiiiice :-)

started the news page up.


6-22-99: more alpha work...
I did the links page.


6-22-99:  the alpha
I began work on this website, did various desugns, got the guestbook, counter, chat room & message board... etc.

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