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Welcome to Omsk!

  New Year In order for you to tie all this together, a trip to your Lady is necessary. It wouldn't make any sense to spend your time and money writing letters, placing telephone calls, etc., if there wasn't a final purpose of actually visiting her! Library We haven't included any information about airplane schedules or prices from your
Each of the season's offer different activities and all four are nice. Basically, the flora and fauna are extremely green in the summer and extremely white in the winter. They are beautiful in all of the four seasons. It is important to state that the winter is not to be avoided. It is a great season when everything is crisp and clean and just think of cuddling up with a young thing on a cold blustery evening... location until Moscow, but from Moscow until Omsk there is at least one flight perday (usually in the evening) so you shouldn't have any problems with getting here.(please check the prices by consulting your friendly travel agent)or check the shedules at . (we provide this link for your free access to the system - no password requied)
Irtysh Prices for airplane tickets go down in the winter and if price is an object you should consider this option.
We are not a travel agency, but we work with them all the time to maximize your experience of meeting and possibly marrying someone.
Restaurants range from$1.50 for a small meal sized Pizza to the best restaurant in town for about $20 total at most, including drinks for two people. You will gain weight here.

There are large discos within walking distance from your center city hotel. Admission charges at the largest one are $4 for men and $2 for women. Beer costs about $1.00 in the discos and less at the corner kiosk. Mixed drinks prices are not high by western standards


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