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The Fellowship of Reconciliation (FOR) is a group composed of people from many faiths, and no particular faith --
all coming together to support nonviolence and justice.

Offering people of conscience an action response to a morally-impaired U.S. foreign policy.

Stories about and interviews with Executed Missourians

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An appeal to conscience and purse strings

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Steve Jacobs' Letters;    

Take the Pledge for Peace in Iraq

We Condemn the Sept. 11 Terrorist Attacks
Peace with Justice Not War
Feeling like you haven't been told the whole story by Tom Brokaw? Looking for a way to express your sorrow over the killing of Americans in the WTC? Not sure the US should be in Afghanistan?
Join FOR and other groups in Peace Vigils and other activities.

Questions about the Fellowship of Reconciliation? -- contact Jeff Stack at 573-449-4585 or jstack@coin.org

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