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I have met my Mr. Right as a result of our system, and I want to thank you for that so much! I know he is the right one for me, and I will let you know when we set a wedding date!

-Christine =)

Everyday, people are finding romance with the One and Only Network. With over 300,000 ads placed in both the One and Only and the Alternative Connections databases, and over 78,000 searches daily, the One and Only Network is the best place for you to find romance. Place an ad today! What have you got to lose...another Saturday night curled up with your cat, a romance novel, and a half-eaten pizza?


It's free to browse and place ads. And, you can sign up for the Agent of Love, a free service which searches incoming ads daily according to your unique preferences, and then emails you everytime someone places an ad that sounds just right for you!


NoMoreLonelyNights is a member of the One and Only Network, the largest matchmaker on the web. If you're looking for that traditional match made in heaven, this is your place.

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Find Your Alternative is a member of the Alternative Connections Network. Are you a little bit left of center? A little less conservative, less mainstream? If you don't play by the rules, you might find what you're looking for here.

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After I placed my ad, a professional lawyer emailed me almost immediately. We share almost everything via email. The love for animals, children and many others. Checking his email had became my routine duty.


WOW, That is the only way that I can whole heartedly express my feelings about you and your service.I have been corresponding with a young lady in Sevestopol, Ukraine since January,and will be going there within the next two months, bringing my dream home...


Thank you guys for providing this opportunity to meet my Mr. Right last July. It was out of curiosity that I replied to his ad and communicated with him over email for almost a month before we met up for dinner. All our friends and relatives find it hard to believe that we started with the one-and-only personal ads. And the best part is that we just got married 4 days ago.


What are you waiting for? There is more to Friday night than TGIF!


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