The Polish Peasant

Feastgear, Jewelry, Celtic Knotwork Tee-Shirts, Eastern European Items, Middle Eastern/Belly Dancing items, Mortars & Pestles, Osprey Military Books, & much more!

Blades of Tara

Wearable Sundials, SCA Stickers, Jewelry, Knives, Swords, Unusual cutlery, and much more!! Retail and Wholesale offered.

Agnes of Whitby

Quality reproductions of period glass beads.

Ancestral Instruments

Historical Bagpipes - Bag Hornpipes - Hornpipes - Reedpipes - Mediaeval Fiddles - Rebecs - Lyres

Argent Flame Costuming

Custom-made medieval and Renaissance costumes, garb, clothing; some accessories, info, and links; if you don't see what you're looking for, just ask!

The Armour Store

Specializing in Quality, Affordable Armour for the SCA.

Black Hydra Armouries

BHA carries chainmaille and Stainless Steel armour for the
discriminating SCA fighter.

Black Rose Creations

Specializing in the reproduction of historical arms for reenactment and SCA combat.

Boldo's Armory

We carry role-playing games, collectable card games, all sorts of other games
As well as actual Medieval replication armor made by Boldo himself!

Caer Madadh (The Wolf Den)

A company specializing in Medieval Mysteries designed for SCA and non-SCA members alike.

Calontir Trim

A wide variety of trims, from simple cotton weaves to elaborate byzantine borders.

Campania Treasures

Ceramic feastgear imported from Vietre sun Mare, Italy. All items are period and can be custom designed with your device. We offer special full set pricing for SCA members.

Rick Cavasin

I make and sell parchment and vellum, which is of interest to SCA scribes.

Celtic Arms Company

Celtic Arms Co. makes and sells Chainmaille armour, standard and custom blacksmithed items as well as assorted medieval weapons and other re-enactment items.

Celtic Rose

Celtic jewelry in hand-crafted polished pewter, such as brooches, earrings and necklaces. Pewter tankards and plateware also.

Celtic Cultures

If it's celtic you seek, look here!

Che' Designs

I am a metalsmith who specializes in chain mail brought down to jewelry scale. I also make a few production pieces including a Lilith pendant and a Venus of Willendorf Plate for chain mail rings or a pendant, etc..

Cornwell Scribeworks

Medieval and Renaissance-style calligraphy and illumination produced by hand, featuring SCA playing cards!

Dark Knight Productions

Dark Knight Productions - Producers of Quest, a new Fantasy Television Series coming September 1998.

Jewelry by Da'oud

Celtic Wedding Rings and more.

Diana's Shaft Shop/Greyledge Self Bows

Archery supplies, including shafts and Bows for the traditional archer, courses available for those who wish to learn the art of Fletchimg and bowmaking. Sca bows and shafts a specialty.

Distant Caravans

Resource for your "re-creation" needs. Lots of belly dancer items.

Drachenstein's Treasures

Custom jewelry and decorative metalwork. Crowns, coronets, circlets, Kingdom awards, collars, brooches and metal cotehardie belts.

Dragonfly Design

Your source for historical, fantasy, and uniquely elegant accessories and garments.


Fine tentage, in all colors, for SCA people who have better things to do than set up tents. Guaranteed for five years!. Ovals, rounds, sunshades, and accessories.

EGG Enterprise Armor

For top quality armor providing both protection and light weight you
can't do better than Kydex plastic armor from Egg Armor Armory.

Ethnic Musical Instruments

Instruments from around the world that go back in time
and are fun to play.

Eye of the Tiger

Martial arts, paintball supplies, swords and knives.

Nick Farinacci Sundial Pendants

Our sundial pendants are reproductions or interpretations of sundial pendants in use during the middle ages.

Farthingales Fabrics

Farthingale Fabrics specializes in Corset building supplies and natural fibre fabrics including a complete line of linen from handkerchief weight to heavy suiting weights, all white, off white and natural greige. There is also a good selection of silks and cotton.

Christian Fletcher Armorer

Medieval armor.

Four Seasons TentMasters

We craft your dwelling to be aesthetically proportional and functionally correct for the
time and period you request.

Functional Leather

Catering to all your leather needs.

Gaukler Medieval Wares

Ancient Style Jewellery and Authentic Antiquities

G. F. Armoury Books

All medieval and renaissance book interests

Green Duck Designs

Features books, patterns and costumes for the Medieval enthusiast.

Gryphon's Moon

SCA related merchandise.

Hard-to-Find Needlework Books

Hard to find needlework the name says.

House of the Merchant Light

Traveling caravan of merchants.


Circlets and Middle Eastern Jewelry and other Accoutrements for the Re-creationist.

JoNan's Dolls

Medieval rag dolls...very cute!

John Kane Bookseller carries books by and for members of The Society for
Creative Anachronism in the kingdom of An Tir and on the Internet.


Lady MacSnoodLady MacSnood

Selling hand crocheted hair snoods, bun covers and hair sticks in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. Special orders welcome.

Lark in the Morning Music

Specializes in hard to find musical instruments, music and instructional materials.

Don Lewis Designs

Handcrafted and unique hardwood tankards.

The Lonely Mountain Forge

The Lonely Mountain Forge supplies handcrafted armor, weapons, and art metalwork to historical reenactors, collectors, and other enthusiasts.

Lyrichord's Early Music Catalog

Name says it all....

MacGregor Historic Games

We sell a variety of period board, dice and card games.

Mandrake Armory

Various pieces of armor.

Medieval Menagerie

A 'medieval general store' featuring the work of local artisans. Merchandise includes accessories, armour, banners, blades, garb, gloves, leather/leather products, patterns, wood furniture, and more to come!

Meric Archery

We sell new and used longbows, recurves and crossbows, accessories, arrow making supplies and custom arrows with European, Japanese or Mongolian fletching.

Missing Link Iron Works and Supply

Metalworking tools, equipment and weapons.


Historically inspired original clothing designs.

MSKelly Gems, Jewelry, Lore

Rough stones, Polished stones, Natural crystals, Hand-wrought silver and gold-filled jewelry, and more.

Museum Replicas

Authentic edged weapons, battlegear, and period clothing.

New World Arbalest

Medieval and renaissance crossbows.

Pegasus Publishing

Previously "The Thistle Works". Publications, trim, music and more.

Rampant Lion Designs

The Art of Heraldry! Coats of Arms & Custom Shields.

Red Falcon Armouries

RFA specializes in high-profile, low-maintenance STAINLESS STEEL armour for SCA combat.

Renaissance Ribbons

European ribbons and trims.

Cindy Renfrow

Period recipe books.

Small Churl Books, the Catalog

SCA Books! Find what you want by searching either alphabetically or by subject matter.

Snapdragon Gifts

"Nothing Mundane" Cloak broaches, jewelry, greeting cards, sculpture, candle holders and more.


SodHoppers Custom Leather Medieval Moccasins, handmade out of Buffalo.

The Medievalist

A treasury of unique medieval reproductions including tapestries,
cushion covers, jewellery, prints, greeting cards & wrapping paper.

Thompson Conservation Laboratories

Collection of medieval resources. " history 'n such".

Traveling Dysshes

Food for picnics and potluck. 90 pages of text and recipes.

Tribal Eye

Tribal Eye offers the highest quality beads and jewelery, both authentic and reproductions of medieval and ancient items. Jewelry includes beads, necklaces, earrings, coins and more!

Twilight's Door

Medieval merchandise including weapons, armour, games, patterns and more.

Wings and Roses

Wonderfully handmade garb for many different periods in time.

Kirby D. Wise Arms and Armor

Period arms and armor to order.

Ye Olde Kutting Edge Armory

We make all kinds of armor but like making gothic styles the best and is what we are known for.

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