Lenore's green scarf

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Lenore's green scarf

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Lenore's "green" scarf

copyrighted November 2002

Lenore Felt and Melanie Harper

The reason this is called Lenore's "green" scarf is not only because sage green was used, but because it's nearly Lenore's first project and so that makes it a "green" project meaning first or new. . .maybe even simple :)  She did a fabulous job! People stop and tell her that she has on a beautiful scarf.  It's even more impressive when she tells them that she made it!


WW yarn (it took us about 4-6oz)

Size H hook

Yarn needle (for weaving in ends)

CH 46

ROW 1: Sc into second ch from hook. *ch3, sk 3 ch, sc into  next ch* repeat from *to* across ending with sc in last ch.  ch1 and turn.

Row2: Working into back loops only (blo) work 1 sc into 1st sc, *ch3, sk next ch 3, sc in next sc* repeat from * to* across. ch 1 and turn. 

Rows 3-220: repeat row 2.  Finish off and weave in ends. 

You can work as many rows as you like, it was 220 for the size in the photo.  We didn't choose to put a border on it because it looked great, but feel free to do so.  I think a reverse sc would look great on it!


Here is a cross section of the scarf itself:

  (click on photo for lager image)

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