Rules and Regulations


Since the formation of this Company, our goals have been the following:

A: To have the experience of authentically portraying the Confederate and Federal soldier.

B. To learn what it was like being a Civil War soldier.

C. To help educate the general public about this important segment of our heritage.

D. To experience the comradeship and pride of belonging to a first rate infantry regiment.

E. To help preserve history.

F. To honor the Confederate soldier and our beloved South.

G. To stimulate pride and interest in THE CAUSE

The rules and regs, which follow, have been written for the sole purpose of helping us achieve these goals. It is hoped that by clearly stating what is expected of each man, much confusion can be eliminated. The ultimate success of our company has never been in doubt, but with everyone pulling in the same direction it can certainly be realized sooner.

1. Age

A parent or legal guardian must accompany anyone under the age of eighteen (18).A member bringing another member's son needs a notarized letter of guardianship. This is required to sign waivers at events and in case of medical emergency.

(the age requirement to carry a gun is 14 although this is subject to event guidlines.)

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