- Sack Coat
-Forage cap (NOT kepi)
-Hardee Hat
-Sky-Blue Trousers
-Appropriate Leathers with cartridge box strap and eagle breastplate.
-Period Correct leather shoes.
-Tarred Haversack
-appropriate Canteen with either no cover or gray/brown jeancloth cover
-Bedroll blanket & gum blanket (Blanket needs to be period correct US issue blanket, preferably either a Wessert, Woodburn or similar blanket)

WEAPONS: Either 1861 US Springfield or British Enfield.

All accoutrements need to be worn high and correctly.


Hardee Hat. Black wool felt, sweatband, stitched on brim.
Civilian slouch hat. Black or grey preferred. Brim to be stitched and include a sweatband.
Forage cap. Federal or indigo blue wool, correct leather bill and not shaped like a baseball cap. Forage caps are the least preferred of the three options.
Corp Badges

Correct Corp badges are allowed and encouraged. For enlisted this should be affixed to the hat or the left shirt front. Officer badges may be constructed of period metals or felt.

U. S. Regulation Issue. Donet flannel. To be all hand-stitched and flat-felled seams. Natural off-white.
Contract shirt. Blue, grey or tan cotton. Machine stitched with hand-sewn button holes.
Civilian shirt. Hand-sewn 100% wool or 100% cotton-woven checks, or muslin with hand-sewn button holes.

Sack Coats/Frock Coats:
Fatigue blouse. Lined or unlined. Wool, 4 button front. Hand sewn button holes.

Commercial blouse. Civilian manufactured. Lined, 4, 5, or 6 button blouse, hand-sewn button holes.

Frock coat. Lined and padded in the chest, lined in the sleeves. 9 button front with pockets in the tails. Hand-sewn button holes. Options 1 or 2 is preferred.

Trousers: All trousers to be sky blue, wool kersey with stamped-tin paper back buttons.
Schuykill Arsenal Pattern.
Steubenville Arsenal Pattern
Type 3 (H.F.H. Cincinnati Contract Trousers).

Any type of period civilian model with tin or brass buckles.

Civilian pattern. Hand-sewn button holes.
Military issue. Hand-sewn button holes.

Civilian socks. Particularly hand-knitted cotton or wool.

Jefferson booties/borgans. Black with pegged, stitched or pegged and stitched soles.
Identified civilian boots. (Option 1 is preferred).

Brown or grey U.S. issue blankets with brown preferred.
Civilian blankets of 100% wool, should be muted earth tones.
No Quilts.

Tentage/Gum Blankets-Ground Cloth:
Shelter half. Canvas twill with NO brass grommets. Rope and hand-sewn button holes.
U.S. issue gum blanket or poncho. Small grommets.

U.S. issue tarred type.

U.S. issue smoothside with or without jean or wool cover.

Knapsacks (Optional):
U.S. issue double bag.
Blanket Rolls are also encouraged.

Cartridge Boxes:
.58 caliber issue boxes. Box may be carried on belt.

Cap Boxes:
U.S. M 1850.
U.S. Shield front.

Bayonet Scabbard:
U.S. two, seven or eight rivet.

U.S. issue plate with appropriate belt.
M 1861 Springfield: We strongly encourage repros with proper modifications.
M 1855 Springfield: We strongly encourage repros with proper modifications.
P 1853 Enfield: We strongly encourage repros with proper modifications.
Appropriate rifle sling (optional)
No hat brass.
No A-frames tents unless scenario calls for garrison impression.
Pistols are limited to officers