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Cousin Chart print it out & work it out

Chronology   an attempt at Italian history


Census ancestor info
Philadelphia Census ancestor info
Naturalization ancestor info
Ships ancestors passenger list

Photo Album

Photo Album Agrigento
Photo Album II Florence, 
Photo Album III Mt, Etna, Palermo, Giardini Naxos, , Assisi, 
Photo Album IV  Rome, Venice

Casalduni & Pontelandolfo Benevento, Campania, Italy

Casalduni Photos ancestral town photos
Casalduni Passenger Data ancestral town info
Pontelandolfo Passengers ancestral town info
Map Casalduni, Pontelandolfo ancestral towns
DeBlasio Family ancestral family info
Frangiosa ancestral family info
Nave Family ancestral family info
Iavecchia Family ancestral family info
Orsini Family ancestral family info
Grandpop maternal grandfather


Cicchiello ancestral name
DeAngelis ancestral name
DeBlasio ancestral name
Frangiosa ancestral name
Nave ancestral name
Piccirilli ancestral name 
Romano  ancestral name  

Agnone Isernia, Molise

Agnone Chronology ancestral town info
Agnone Photos ancestral town photos
Agnone Passengers A-L ancestral town info
Agnone Passengers M-Z ancestral town info
Agnone Map Isernia area
DiCarlo Family ancestral family info
Maria Antonia paternal grandmother info   

Armento Potenza, Basilicata, Italy

Saponaras ancestral family
Francesco paternal grandfather
Domenico paternal great uncle
Armento Saponaras ancestral families info
Armento Photos ancestral town photos
Armento Passenger Data ancestral town info
Saponara Passenger Data ancestral town info
Map of Armento-Potenza
Armento Links also Potenza & Basilicata

Ischia Naples, Campania, Italy

Earthquake 1883 info 
Casamicciola ancestral town
Ischia Photos ancestral town photos
Ischia Passenger Data ancestral town info
Philly Passenger Data ancestral town info
Matteras ancestral family   
Clemente paternal grandfather  
Giuseppe paternal great uncle    
Giovanni paternal great uncle

Links over 400 great sites

Links ancestral towns, ancient history, maps, surnames, etc.
Italian Genealogy useful, esp. for beginners
Personal Links sharing my interests


"Through the Apennines and the Land of the Abruzzi" by Estella Canziani is a spectacular, out of print, book and the picture shown is one of many that the author painted of the Abruzzi area.  Viewers with an interest in Italian superstition will enjoy  Estella's circa 1919 trek in the Isernia area  as she converses with  medieval-like inhabitants. 

Hammonton NJ

"The Italians on the Land", a government report written by Emily Fogg Meade, the mother of Margaret Meade, about the original Italian settlers of Hammonton, NJ and their challenges to carve an agricultural  town out of a wooded, sandy area.   

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