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Where to Begin?

 Three Process Steps

Gather Information

Evaluate Information

                          Record Information                                


To assume the answers before asking the questions is to be blindly ignorant

Stir the memories of older relatives by asking questions.  Even though my mother and my aunt thought my searching was foolish, they loved answering my questions and enjoyed hearing about my findings.

Church records show the last residence of ancestor as well as other information.

All Vital records such as: Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, and Marriage Licenses from City or State.

Wills and Deeds obtained from local City or County records give additional personal information about ancestors.

World War I draft records give additional personal information about the applicant.

Census records indicate the year of immigration as well as other information.

Naturalization records indicate ship's name and date of arrival as well as other information.

Other records indicative of your family, for instance, my parents were deaf mutes and attended Pennsylvania School for the Deaf and I was able to locate their applications for admittance which showed valuable personal information about my parents and grandparents.

Social Security Records indicate names of applicants parents as well as employer.

City Maps showing the neighborhoods in the years inhabited by immigrants.

In order to better understand your immigrant ancestors, become avid readers on the Italian immigrant in American, the Italian peasant in the 1800s (if applicable) and Italian history. 



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Obtained at the National Archives in Philadelphia, PA



New York Port Arrival Information

Ellis Island Web Site

Ellis Island provides  New York Port manifest records donated to them by Family History Library


Italians To America 

Lists of Passengers Arriving at U.S. Ports, 1880-October, 1890. Edited by Ira A. Glazier and P. William Filby  There are twelve volumes and listed by name.

If your ancestors records are unavailable at the Ellis Island website or in the Italians to America Volumes,  or they arrived at one of the many other ports, the following information sources will help in your search.


Family History Centers

Locate the Family History Center in your area; a must for doing genealogical searches


National Archives

Furnished Courtesy of the National Park Service, Ellis Island

If your ancestor arrived between 1820 and 1954, search the National Archives and indexes. 


National Archives Indexes

These are compiled by port for most US ports on the Atlantic, Pacific, Great Lakes and Gulf coast, but they do not cover every year or every port.

If you know your ancestorís port of entry: search the index to passenger arrivals for that port. 

If your ancestor arrived in New York, 1847 Ė 1896: search the Registry of Vessel Arrivals, note which ships arrived when your ancestor did, then search those lines.
If you do not know the port of entry: search all available indexes to passenger arrivals.

National Archives Staff will search the Indexes for you. If you supply a passengerís name, port of entry, and month and year of arrival. Use NATF form 81. More detailed information is needed for staff to search individual lists.


The Morton-Allan Directory

This book lists the arrival date of every steamship entering New York, 1890-1930, and Baltimore, Boston and Philadelphia, 1904-1926.


Ships of our Ancestors

By Michael J. Anuta

A collection of photos and construction information about ships that carried the immigrants across the ocean between mid 1800's to mid 1900's. 


Genealogy Links 

                         This site is very helpful in searching information about ship arrivals:            

Use the following hyperlink to find a great many Italian genealogical sites offering "how-to" help:  

Last but not least, professional or certified genealogists are available: 

 June DeLalio,CG-408 (1 March 1998) certified genealogist, E-mail:

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