Charlie Sexton
Charlie Sexton

Years: 1999 - 2002 (first gig: June 5, 1999, Fillmore Auditorium, Denver, Colorado, U.S.A.) (final gig: November 22, 2002, Fairfax, Virginia, USA)

Instruments: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, dobro

Charlie Sexton,

Proclaimed to be a child prodigy, Charlie Sexton was a veteran of sessions by Bob Dylan, the Eagles' Don Henley and the Rolling Stones' Ron Wood, and was a mainstay of the Austin, Texas blues circuit, while he was still a kid. While still a youngster, he was a featued member in Joe Ely's band.

Sexton's blues prowess and unbridled playing style has lead to comparisons to another Austin, Texas native and guitar legend: Stevie Ray Vaughn.

Fostering comparisons further, Sexton later hooked up with SRV's backup group, Double Trouble, and guitarist Doyle Bramhall II to form the Arc Angels in the late '80s. Despite the acclaim the group achieved in Texas and a minor hit single in "Living In A Dream," the group managed to only record one album together. The group eventually collapsed allegedly because of "creative differences" and rampant drug use.

After the Arc Angels folded, Sexton returned to session work (most notably appearing on Lucinda Williams' "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road") and formed his own band, the Charlie Sexton Sextet.

Sexton joined up with the Arc Angels again in May 1999 to play a pair of shows in Austin, but any hopes of a full-scale reunion were dashed when Sexton was asked to take the guitar slot in Dylan's band.

While Sexton's guitar playing initially focused on rhythm work in his first year with Dylan, his role quickly expanded -- although he was only given brief snippets in which to cut loose. While his pinched solo on "Country Pie" was explosive, his playing was delicate enough to conjure the haunting atmosphere for "Not Dark Yet."

In late 2000, Sexton was again drafted by Lucinda Williams to help with her new album, "Essence," this time as co-producer. Sexton drafted Dylan bandmate Tony Garnier to play bass on the sessions.

In 2002, Sexton left the band (the grind of life on the road is the rumored reason) and returned to Austin. He's currently involved in some production work.

DISCOGRAPHY: His projects: Charlie Sexton "Pictures for Pleasure" (1985), Charlie Sexton "Charlie Sexton" (1989), Charlie Sexton Sextet "Under the Wishing Tree" (1995)," Arc Angels "Arc Angels" (1992). Session work: Don Henley “Building The Perfect Beast” (1984), Tonio K. “Rome Uncahined” (1986) Tonio K. “Notes From The Lost Civilization” (1988), Alejandro Escovedo “Thirteen Years” (1994), Alejandro Escovedo “End/Losing Your Touch” (1994), Austin Lounge Lizards “Small Minds” (1995), Roky Erickson “All That May Do My Rhyme” (1995), The Kennedys “Life Is Large” (1996), Bob Neuwirth “Look Up” (1996), Alejandro Escovedo “With These Hands” (1996), Terry Allen “Human Remains” (1996), Tonio K. “Ole” (1997), Lucinda Williams, "Car Wheels On A Gravel Road" (1997), James McMurtry “It Had To Happen” (1997), James McMurtry “Walk Between The Raindrops” (1998), The Plebeians “Plebeians” (1998), Michael Fracasso “World In A Drop Of Water” (1998), Terry Allen “Salivation” (1999), Doyle Bramhall II “Jellycream” (1999), Tonio K. “Yugoslavia” (1999), Dumptruck “Terminal” (2000), Will & the Kill “Will & the Kill” (2000), Double Trouble “Been A Long Time” (2001), Lucinda Williams, "Essence" (2001).