Larry Campbell

(Photo: Italy, circa 1997)


Years: 1997 - Present (March 31, 1997, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada)

Instruments: Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, violin, mandolin, pedal steel guitar, lap steel guitar, electric slide guitar, bouzouki


Having joined the band in March 1997, Larry Campbell further propelled the band's sound in a country direction. His quiet and restrained stage demeanor was often offset by his dazzling guitar runs and rhythm fills.

Though a more subtle and flexible player than Dylan's previous guitarists, Campbell's fleet-footed country approach is both understanded and rhythmically full. His playing spirals and winds around the songs' melodies, but never mauls over it.

He can also play the crunching rock riffs for "Silvio," or slip on fingerpicks for some high-speed picking on "Maggie's Farm."

Campbell is also quick to switch to a supporting role, playing a masterful rhythm part, when Dylan takes lead guitar.

Campbell is also a multi-instrumentalist and in his early years with the band, he played violin and bouzouki onstage.

But after Bucky Baxter left the band in June 1999, Campbell took his spot as the band's utility man. Though Campbell was now playing mandolin, pedal steel, lap steel and slide guitar, he's continued to play a majority of the lead guitar work.

In doing so, Campbell now has a more prominent role in the band, their sound now driven by Campbell's guitarwork.

Before joining the band, Campbell played with Happy Traum, Greg Trooper, Kinky Friedman, k.d. Lang, Shawn Colvin, Edie Brickell and Cyndi Lauper. He reportedly got his shot with the band through his friendship with Tony Garnier.



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