14th october-2000. "Gail talks about ex keef". Thought it could be funny to read a little interview with his Ex girl ms Porter had to say about him:
paper :Now, about men.
-Yeah, can we get this right ? I buy heat every week, and apparently I've been On, Off, On, Off. Keith Flint [from the Prodigy] and I finished in January, and that's it. I've not seen anyone since January.
'So what happened with Keith ?
-We split up.
Something he did, or something you did?
-No, mutual. We split up.
'How did you meet ?
-Sara Cox said, "You've got to meet Keith, he's a really nice guy and I think you'd get on really well." And we went on a blind date to Leeroy's birthday party [fellow Prodigy member and Cox's former fiance, Leeroy Thornhill]. He phoned me up and said "Do you want to go with me?" and I said "Yeah, cool." He's an absolute gem of a bloke.
'Not scary then ?
-No, not in the slightest. He's an absolute diamond. Haven't got a bad word to say about him (so why did they split?! - M)
What's his hair like in the morning? >br>-Looks just the same in the morning as it does at night. He's very cool. We were together for about six months. Longest relationship I've had, I think. Well done me.
'Was it love?
-Yeah. [pause] Next question.
'Are you courting now ?
-No, no one since Keith, so that's, what month are we in now, that's... bloody hell, that's ages. But I'm on a mission at the moment. A man hunt.

18august-2000. "Keith -single happy man"
This is hasn´t got to do so much about Keith, but it gives us abit of info that he is obviously NOT seeing Gail Porter anymore! The Mirror yesterday reported that Gail had been seen with pop bad boy Finley Quaye at the after-party for new sci-fi blockbuster The X Men in London.

21july-2000. "Keith at the Fabric"

Just like to show you two photos taken by neko at the DJ set where Liam played [ in Fabric club,London ] and of course Keith and the other guys where there too !

22th may-2000. "Romance rumour"?

Gail Porter rumours stripping
, midget Gail Porter has been telling friends that the fire has NOT re-started with her ex, Prodigy star Keith Flint. One of my feeble rivals reported that following their heartbreak split in March the couple are back together, but Gail - never knowingly overdressed - insists it's just not true.
A close friend of Gail said this: ("Get rid of him love You’ll never get a ‘large flame’ from ‘one damp twig and two small pieces of coal." ) <-- hmppf :-(
[source: The Mirror ]

10th may-2000. "Relight my fire"

GAIL PORTER is back with Prodigy star Keith Flint. The telly babe split up with the Firestarter singer in March after five months together. They called it a day after realising they needed to spend some time apart. But I can exclusively reveal the break has done them the world of good and their romance is back on.Top Of The Pops host Gail confirmed: "At the moment I am kind of taken - I'm back with my boyfriend." And the star blasted reports that she had been out on dinner dates with a married photographer. Gail said: "Someone supposedly took me out for dinner, but I have never even heard of them."

Gail originally moved in with Keith at his Essex mansion in December after burglars wrecked her West London flat. Though they are definitely a couple again, they are currently living apart. Gail has moved into a plush Soho flat. Pals say they are determined to get it right this time and will keep their own space for the time being. A friend of the pair said: "After spending time apart they both realised they were missing each other. "They managed to stay friends and kept in contact, gradually they've got closer and closer and now they're back on track." So this time it's obviously Beauty And The Beast Part Two!
15th april-2000. "Noisy Keith "
The Mirror yesterday reported in their gossip pages about Liam “buying a new £2,5 million mansion – to escape his noisy neighbour, bandmate Keith Flint”. They make a full report including a picture of Liam’s new mansion and describing where it is, which definitely wouldn’t be in Liam’s interest. According to the Mirror Liam is moving out cause his neighbour Keith Flint is too noisy cause diggers are creating a lake in his garden: “But Liam has told friends that he is moving out because the racket from renovation work at Keith's luxury home is driving him mad. Growling and groaning diggers are moving hundreds of tons of earth from the garden to create a £30,000 lake.”
[source: ProCon from the "Mirror" ]

8th March -2000 " GAIL AND KEITH SPLITS"
GAIL PORTER has split with Prodigy wildman Keith Flint. The telly babe thought she had found the man of her dreams when she linked up with the hell-raising singer last October. But now the couple have decided to call it a day after drifting apart in recent weeks. Clean-cut Gail and her spiky-haired party animal boyfriend were last year's most unlikely celebrity couple. When I exclusively revealed they were dating I even dubbed them beauty and the beast.
At the time, Top Of The Pops host Gail said of her romance with Keith: "I'm blissfully happy - I'd like it to go on forever." And when burglars wrecked her West London flat in December, she was so upset she put the property up for sale straight away and moved into his Essex mansion. Gail moved out last month after they both agreed they needed some time away from each other. She now has a new flat in Soho, central London. During their separation, pals says, Gail realised the relationship was not working out as well as she had hoped. A friend of Keith's added: "After spending time apart, I think they both realised it was over." They were serious about each other, but after a while they realised they were totally different. It was Gail who called it a day but Keith also knew it was over. "They are desperately trying to stay friends."
[ source: The Sun ]

5th March- 2000 "Porter packs her bags"
Gail Porter has been forced to quit her home after burglars broke in and ransacked the place. The terrified TV star has vowed never to set foot in the place again after returning from a holiday in the Maldives with boyfriend, Prodigy singer Keith Flint, to find thieves had wrecked the place taking her computer and rifling through her personal belongings. The 28-year-old decided to leave immediately and stay with Flint at his mansion in Essex. 'When I opened the door I was horrified,' said Porter. 'I haven't stayed there since the break-in and I won't be going back.
[ source: The Sunday People ]


20 Dec -99. "Keith´s race on MTV"
Today when I sat and switched on my TV, I saw something on MTV, which made me watch on! They showed about 20 minutes on Keith when he raced in Mallory Park earlier this year! Basically, you can say they followed him with the cameras a whole day and filmed everything! (maybe not everything, but you know what I mean!) All the laps and interviews and very good background music! I really hope they can show it again,because I missed the first 5 minutes of it. But I'm sure they will."
[source: on MTV ]

10 Dec -99. "Gail moves in with Keith"
TV presenter Gail Porter has now moved in with boyfriend Keith Flint, according to the Bizarre page in The Sun. : "TV Gail moves in with Keith : I do love a story with a happy ending. My heart went out to luscious Gail Porter when I heard her London flat had been wrecked by burglars. So I was delighted to hear the upshot is that the telly babe has moved in with boyfriend Keith Flint. The Prodigy star - whose hits include Firestarter - wasted no time bringing her remaining belongings to his Essex mansion. A pal of the couple told me: "The robbery could be seen as a blessing is disguise. It's given them the opportunity to do what they both wanted to do anyway. "Gail was distraught after the burglary and she thought of staying at her home. She was so impressed that Keith helped her out so quickly - it made her realise he's definitely the man for her. "It's been a whirlwind romance and the pair just like to spend as much time with each other as possible. Keith loves nothing more than staying at home cooking for Gail." The pair met in October after being introduced by mutual friends and have been virtually inseparable since. Keith's £350,000 mansion has a state-of-the-art security system - so hopefully Gail's belongings will be safe now!"

28 Nov -99. "

Gail goes scuba-diving Gail has revealed that she is going to start taking diving lessons this week after discovering an enthusiasm for the sport during her recent trip to the Maldives. Boyfriend Keith Flint is already an accomplished diver and will no doubt be on hand to ensure Gail doesn't get out of her depth.

20 nov
-99. "Suits you, sir"

PN News subscriber Philip Sopher reports : In GQ (Gentlemen's Quarterly) magazine it had an article about acclaimed clothing designers and the pop/rock stars they've tailored for. One of those featured was clothing designer Ozwald Boateng who, in the article, had been credited for making a grey mohair '60's suit exclusively for Keith Flint. [source: PN news ]

15 nov -99. "
Sweet Porter"
TV presenter Gail Porter's reported romance with Prodigy's Keith Flint is very much on, and she's quite happy with it too. UK newspaper The Mirror reports the following quote from her recent appearence on satellite/cable channel Trouble : "I'm blissfully happy - I'd like it to go on forever"

2 Nov -99. "
Gail reveals all in TV interview"

This morning Gail gave an in-depth interview on the satellite TV station Trouble TV. Speaking openly about her love-life she revealed that she was 'blissfully happy' with Keith Flint and has even turned down TV work to spend time with him. She also said that she has made things up with Mark Lamarr and is now even friends with him. There was also good news for fans of her long hair!

28 Oct -99. "Mad Cows"
Gail out on the town with Keith Gail last night made her second public appearance with Prodigy star Keith Flint.
The pair turned up hand-in-hand in the West-End for the the premiere of Anna Friel's new film "Mad Cows."

24 Oct -99. "
Mark Lamarr vs Keith? "

New Lamarr shock for Gail The Sunday People today reports that Gail has been stunned by a succession of phone calls from Mark Lamarr asking her for a date. This comes just a few weeks after the fifties throwback reduced Gail to tears during filming of Never Mind The Buzzcocks. Apparently, one of her 'pals' said, "Gail has received numerous calls over the last few days. She is amazed that Mark now wants to take her out." However I'm sure Keith Flint would soon put an end to Lamarr's pestering.

5 Oct -99. "New boyfriend for Gail?"
The Sun today reported that Gail has a new boyfriend, namely Keith Flint from The Prodigy. According to the report, the couple enjoyed an intimate evening at the Kabaret Club as they celebrated the 30th birthday of Keith's bandmate Leeroy Thornhill. The article adds, "They sat closely together and whispered in each other's ears all night at London's trendy Kabaret club. The pair knocked back champagne until the early hours before leaving in hand. One guest said: "They were totally absorbed in each other and seemed very intimate. They really were like lovestruck teenagers with eyes only for each other. Both had had a few drinks and as the evening went on they got more and more touchy-feely." A close pal of Gail said: "It's very early days in their relationship. They've been seeing each other for two weeks and Gail has invited Keith around for a cosy dinner.