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Jan and Peter in a shot taken by Stan Kirsch!

Jan and Stan

By Jan Lopreste


Elizabeth Gracen 

 A Lady of "Rare Gold"

It is common practice for convention attendees to bring gifts to the Guests of Honor. Such was the case for my son, Nicholas, when he heard that Elizabeth Gracen would be at this event. He was beside himself with joy (and madly in love with her) and insisted that we come up with something really special for her. 

His opportunity to present his gift came when he met EG in the autograph line. It was a wee tiny bottle of perfume from the Avon line, called "Rare Gold." I had already explained to him that she would not be opening the gift in front of him, and he seemed fine with that. The interaction went something like this:

EG ~ Hi there, cutie! How are you today?
     NL ~ ::::: blushing furiously ::::: I'm good. Here, this is for you.
(hands her the package)
     EG ~ Oooooh, a present? For *me*?? (loudly, so that everyone can hear) Can I open it now?
     NL ~ Sure, if you want to.

Understand that Nick was 5 at the time, painfully in love and really had no idea what to do with himself and the attention that Liz was lavishing upon him. <g> I hastily commented that she didn't have to do this now, but she insisted. It was obvious that Nick was pleased as she opened the envelope and attached to the gift. It was a Thank You note from me, which she read aloud. Then she reached for the black velvet drawstring pouch that contained
the miniature bottle of perfume.

EG ~ Oh, what's this? Here, help me get it out of it's pouch, would you?
    NL ~ Ok. ::::: reaching fingers in to grasp the bottle :::::
    EG ~ Perfume! Oh, I love perfume!! Can I put some on right now?

Nick was speechless ~ a rare occasion for him! LOL Elizabeth made a bit show of opening the bottle, telling everyone that this handsome young man had just brought her a gift and she just *had* to put some on. She did make sure that no one minded, grinning broadly, and thankfully the folks in line behind
Nick were all very kind. She dabbed some on each wrist and a bit behind her ear. She waved her wrist in the air for a moment and then stuck her arm out across the table so that Nick could "sample" the fragrance on her skin.

EG ~ What do you think, sweetie? Do you like it?
     NL ~ Oh, yeah!! You smell great!
    EG ~ ::::: touching his cheek ::::: Oh, you're going to make some girl very happy someday! Thank you so much for my present.
::::: kissing his palm ::::: Take this kiss with you, will you?

Folks, I thought Nick was positively going to fall *over*!!! I thanked Elizabeth profusely then and we moved along. She just grinned and said it was her pleasure, commented on how cute Nick was and thanked me! On the last day of the weekend, during an autograph session where she was the only one signing and things were winding down, I helped out a young lady who had forgotten to get in line to have pictures for her boyfriend signed (a condition of her being allowed to attend the con <g>) and I brought these to Elizabeth, explaining the situation. She was extremely gracious, and remembered me as being Nick's mom.

EG ~ You are such an angel, doing this for her! What a nice lady you are! Thank you, honey!

Excuse me?!? This gracious woman sat for hours on end, signing her name over and over and over again, smiling and treating folks like *they* were the guests of honor, and she's calling me an angel?? What's wrong with this picture? Truly, Elizabeth Gracen is one class act..... a lady of "Rare Gold."

Peace! :-)


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