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September 1-15th

Highlander Fan Central hit the road on Opening day of Highlander Endgame, promoting the film at local theaters and doing our first ever raffle.  The winners were chosen on September 15th, 2000.

Endgame did very well in it's opening weekend coming in 5th in the Box office despite some negative reviews. The Fans came out in force to see this film and it shows! 

Congratulations to our winners and stay tuned for the Endgame Poster raffle results on October 1, 2000


All entries with a phone number were contacted that they were a winner, all others will receive their prizes in the mail within the next week.

We'd like to give a special thanks to Miramax and Davis Panzer Productions for donating the items raffled.

Highlander Endgame Promotion and Raffle

Lyria displays the Endgame signed poster


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Raffle Winners

Lezlee Morris

Sue Castle

Linda Howard

Kaylie Lane

Joanna Lewis


Theresa Posthumus

Jeff Reinbold

Bernard Polzin

Jenni Bohn

Ryan Hale

Trent Kielley

Frances Doyle

Gerd W. Schneider

Natasha Ferris

Tom Schoenlear

Tim Kalhorn

Wayne Jass

Cynthia Clemens


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