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Peter Wingfield



Born: September 5, 1962

Cardiff, Wales









Peter Wingfield Biography

Peter Wingfield was born in Cardiff, Wales on September 5, 1962. Peter Trained as a Doctor at Brasenose College, Oxford and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College. He was on the verge of completing his medical training when he realized he didn't want to be a doctor and dropped out to pursue and acting career. As a child in Cardiff, Wales, he studied drama at the National Youth Theater, and resumed his dramatic training years later at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Landing his first acting role because he knew how to drive, Peter debuted in Beeban Kidron's "Antonia and Jane".

He has gone on to become a British Television staple, having starred in countless productions over the past ten years, including the series Medics, Soldier Soldier, Antonia Bird's The Men's Room, Lifeboat, Nice Day at the Office, and Noah's Ark. He has the mini-series Into the Fire, Martin Chuzzlewit, and Crocodile Shoes under his belt as well as the telefilms, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Trust Me, Alun Levis:Death and Beauty - in the title role, Degas and Pissaro Fall Out, Murder in Mind, and Over Here.

American Audiences know and love Peter as Methos, the oldest living Immortal on the cult hit Highlander-the series. Peter will reprise the role of Methos in the upcoming feature "Highlander - Engame"

Peter excels at athletics and a once national trampoline champion and representative of Wales in the national club finals in Pole-vaulting, now finds running, particularly long distance marathons his sport of choice.  Peter ran both the 1995 & 1997 London Marathon in 3 hours. He plays saxophone and flute and holds an Advanced Level Stage Fighting Certificate, and is a keen amateur footballer.


Peter Wingfield Filmography


Highlander: Endgame (2000)

Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty (1994) .... Alun Lewis
Degas and Pissarro Fall Out (1994) .... Phillip
Uncovered (1994)
Six Characters in Search of an Author (1992)
Antonia and Jane (1991)
Men's Room, The (1990)


Queen of Swords (2000)
Man Who Used to Be Me, The (2000)

Strange World (1999)
Cold Squad(1998)
Noah's Ark (1997)

Over Here (1996)
Into the Fire (1995)

Highlander The Series (1995-1998)

Martin Chuzzlewit (1994)

Murder In Mind (1994)
Crocodile Shoes (1994)
Lifeboat, The (1994)
Nice Day at the Office (1994)
Trust Me (1992)
Men's Room, The (1991)
Soldier Soldier (1991)

Medics (1990-1992)

-TV (Guest Appearances)

"First Wave" (1998)
"Stargate SG-1" (1997-2001)
"Outer Limits, The" (1995) p
"Cold Feet" (1999)
"Viper" (1996)

"Sentinel, The" (1996)
"Murder Most Horrid" (1991)





For more information on Peter Wingfield be sure to visit his official site at Peter Wingfield Fan Club

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