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Peter Wingfield reprises his popular roles as Methos in the new Animated series the Methos Chronicles

Highlander Flash Animation Series Upcoming


Highlander fans have long awaited the coming of “The Methos Chronicles,” but they will be pleasantly surprised to find the story of Methos, the legendary eldest immortal, told in state-of-the-art Flash animation on the Official Highlander Methos Fan Site (  Fans of the cult phenomenon have followed the adventures of Connor and Duncan MacCleod for sixteen years in Highlander movies and television series, but more intriguing to many fans is the story of Methos, Duncan’s sometime friend, sometime adversary and the oldest immortal left on earth.  The Methos Chronicles—a tale of love, power, and an immortal quest for revenge that spans 5000 years—is told in nine one-minute animated episodes set in ancient Egypt and modern Tokyo.  Featuring the voice of Peter Wingfield, who plays Methos on the Highlander television series, the animation captures the spirit of Highlander in a style certain to inspire the imaginations of fans.  At a mere 1.5 MB each, these cutting-edge Flash animated episodes are speedy to download and will draw interest from Highlander fans across the world.  Yet the series intends not only to please Highlander loyalists but to attract a new fan base whose primary form of entertainment is rapidly focusing on the Internet, a realm where the Highlander legend grows on a daily basis.  In fact, the Highlander may just be the first internationally recognized media property to develop and release an animated series.  Davis-Panzer Productions, the producers of the Highlander, are therefore proud to announce the upcoming release of “The Methos Chronicles,” available only at


The premiere of the new animated series comes the week of March 12

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