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Lyria Wollich was born on January 24, 1967 to a Italian mother and Croatian father.  The second daughter of immigrant parents, she was the only one in her family to be born in the United States. Though a born American, Lyria still considers her self fairly international, having the majority of her family and friends still residing in Europe. She admits to having the travel bug, and her family gives her an excuse to do so frequently. She speaks three languages.

Her mother who is a ballet dancer,  instilled in her the love of the arts and her father, an Electronic Engineer,  gave her a passion for computers, science and astronomy.  Never being someone to be tied down to one thing, she pursued both the arts and sciences in college. first earning a degree in computer science at M.A.T.C.   In 1998 she moved East and took Acting and Stage Combat for two years at New York's HB Studios.  She is still quite active in the theater and hopes someday to try her hand at film, either acting or directing. "It'll be a new challenge." she states. "I'm always up for new challenges. It's the spice of life. I want to do things that haven't been tried before."

It was that attitude that prompted her to start Highlander Fan Central. After attending and working for two conventions that year, Lyria wanted to create a place for fans to go and experience the "convention feel" without necessarily having to leave home. "As I recall, at first Jan thought I was nuts!"

Originally dubbed "The Con in a Box" Highlander Fan Central has evolved into so much more, having an international membership of over 250.  Lyria feels grateful that the "Highlander" community was so open and receptive to the idea.  "I've gotten a lot from this process. It's given me the chance to make wonderful new friends and to learn something new everyday."

Lyria currently works as an IT/IS Specialist and is the Webmaster and Editor for the Fan Central site.

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