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Over three thousand years ago, Methos helped the Egyptian pharaohs in their battle against sadistic Hyksos overlords. Then he fought Khyan, an Immortal Hyksos prince, but failed to take his head. Now a deadly madman stalks New York City, hunting an ancient sword, killing all who stand in his way. It can only be Khyan, seeking revenge. If Methos does not destroy this darkness from his past, he, Duncan MacLeod, and indeed all immortals will be doomed...

By Lyria Wollich

    Josepha Sherman is an extraordinary writer who has over 30 Novels, anthology and short story credits to her name. In a recent interview, I asked her a few questions concerning her background and her Highlander roots leading up to "The Captive Soul"

     "I'm a fantasy/science fiction writer and folklorist with a background in archaeology. My first fantasy sale was a short story to SPACE & TIME. My first novel remains unpublished, but the editor asked me what else I was writing."

     " I told her about a novel idea I had--and she wanted to see it! That book became my first fantasy novel, THE SHINING FALCON (Avon), which won the Compton Crook Award for best first novel in 1990."

     With such an impressive list of credits I had to ask, what did she primarily write about?  What genre?

     "I have written over 36 books by now, including fantasy, STAR TREK, HIGHLANDER, BUFFY, XENA, plus eight folklore books, several children's books, three young adult fantasy novels, several biographies of people like Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos (Amazon.com's leader), and articles."

     When asked about favorites, she replies,

    "That's like asking which is my favorite child! My favorite is whichever one I'm currently writing.

     So that leads us up to Highlander. I wanted to know how she got started with the Highlander saga. Her answer is honest and very tongue-in- cheek.

      "(I was) Channel surfing and finding myself facing Adrian Paul! After that, I was hooked -- and when Methos appeared, I was DOUBLY hooked! I began watching somewhere in the middle of Season One."

     In talking about her book Highlander -"The Captive Soul" , I asked her whom she referred to about content.

    "I was told, "There must be a sex scene in the book," so about the only contact regarding  content was with Betsy Mitchell, the editor of Warner Aspect, about the rating the scene  should receive!"

      The question I put up next was about Characters. Which one was the most difficult to write for?

     "Methos is such an intriguing, intricate character that writing him was challenging -- and a lot of fun!"

     Having enjoyed her book so much, as well as several of her previous works, I wanted to know if she planned on doing another Highlander Novel.

    "The Warner Aspect license expires with the next book, an Amanda novel by Brad Sinor. If the license is renewed, yes, I'd like to write about Methos again."

     Noticing the long list of novels she has written for Star Trek, Buffy, and Xena, I was curious if she found it easier to write for established characters or if she preferred to create her own.

     "They're equally challenging: Original characters have to be created from scratch, but you have to be especially careful to keep the right "voice" for established characters.

      So what can we expect next From Josepha?  She has several projects in line.

    "I'm currently working on a new Star Trek  novel, VULCAN'S SOUL, a mythology book, MYTHOLOGY FOR STORYTELLERS, and a bio of Jerry Yang and David Filo of Yahoo.com!"

     To find out more about Josepha, check out her website at http://www.JosephaSherman.com or to use her editing services try http://www.ShermanEnterprises.com  

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