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Jan Lopreste was born in Morgantown, West Virginia on February 12, 1959 into a family rich with history.  Her great, great, great...grandfather John Fairfax was an overseer at Mount Vernon in 1778 during the Washington presidency and she is officially one of the Daughters of the American Revolution by birthright. Jan's family heritage is Scottish and Irish being that her  great, great, great, grandmother, Rachel Hawthorn, was from the Clan MacDonald located in the in the heart of the Scottish Highlands. 

Jan grew up with one passion, to be an Personal Assistant in the entertainment industry. She caught the bug early on, after reading an article in a trade magazine about a Personal Assistant for a then well known actor, recounting the experiences and duties as a PA, Jan knew then that that was what she wanted "to do". "I really enjoy helping people and being the one to organize and manage things.  It's something that, having been married and raising a child as a single mother I've become very good at. Might as well get paid for it." She laughs. "I just love working with the public and meeting new people.  I thrive on change."

Since 1994, Jan has been a Highlander fan and has not only attended, but worked at several conventions throughout the years.  Her first "volunteer" experience was at the 1997 Baltimore based "Syndicon".  She met Lyria 3 years later at the Legacy convention and together they formed  Highlander Fan Central.  "I remember she (Lyria) called me  day after the con just to catch up. She asked me what I thought of this idea she had.  I told her to it was worth a try. It was a very exciting time and a bit scary. "

HLFC gave her a perfect vehicle to pursue her writing and to work behind the scenes in the entertainment industry. It also gave her access to lots and lots of people. Having them be Highlander Fans as well was a big bonus.  Jan cherishes the time she has had to spend with the project. "I wish all my work was as easy and as rewarding." she states. "But I guess anything you enjoy becomes easy." 

Currently, Jan works for the Morgantown Area Chamber of Commerce as a Administrative Assistant and Receptionist.

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