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Lyria poses with Liz Gracen at the Gathering Luncheon

BJ and Liz reprise the tango scene from HL the Series

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tLyria meets a few new freinds.

Adrian Paul Signs Autographs in the Peace Room.

The Gathering V

Liz Gracen and the Luncheon

By Lyria Wollich

During the Gathering's Auction which was held Saturday Night, I bid on a seat to sit next to the lovely Elizabeth Gracen who played Amanda Montrose on Highlander the Series and in the spin off The Raven. 

I was thrilled when I won, and the next day sat with several of the wonderful people that I met the day before at the Q&A sessions including Liz's Butler "Big John" Bierly or BJ as I knew him as then.

John and I flanked Liz when she finally arrived with the rest of the cast who were running a bit late due to another appearance they had to make earlier that morning. Liz was lovely and she sat down with a smile looking very happy to be there with us.

She went around the table and got introductions from everyone. She was friendly and courteous - which knowing her now like I do is so very Liz - and we talked about everything, Highlander, her career, her plans.  I have to say that Liz is one of those people who can embrace you into her world and make you very comfortable right away. I know she made John's day too. That was the day that John officially became "Liz's Butler"

Liz stayed with us - as did Adrian and Stan long after the rest of the tables were cleared away. Finally, a security guard let us know that we would have to leave because they had to get ready for Adrian's Q&A and Liz graciously smiled and apologized for having to have us go.  That's when I asked Liz, considering there were no photographs allowed at the Luncheon itself if we could get some photographs of us and her before we left and she was great about it. She took her time with each of us and it made a very special moment even better.

Later that day when I went to her Q&A she was lounged on the big chair that they had provided her, looking very regal and when I got up to ask her a question, she sat up and waved to me with this big smile. "Hi breakfast buddy!" It's been a running joke with us ever since. 

Be sure to check out what Liz is up to on her web site at www.elizabethgracen.org.


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