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LYRIAW> Hello everyone, thanks for coming, you are here with Doug Aarniokoski

DAARNIOKOSKI> hi everyone!

TANSYHL> Hi! Were you a HL fan prior to the movie?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Only the first film. I hadn't seen 2 or 3 until I signed on.

GEMMA_MAC> Congratulations on you new deal with Dimension Films for more movies. I can't wait to see endgame. What is it about the Highlander story that intrigued you the most and how did it inspire your work on the movie?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Immortality! I love the fact that in our day and age we can make a movie about living forever. The fact that Lambert and Paul coming together for the 1st time was huge for me.

PROZNDOLL> Hi Doug, where do you hail from, and was hl a tough movie to make, location wise?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Hi. I'm from Northern California, Walnut Creek to be exact. Tough as hell to make. We shot in Romania and the weather was a big problem as was the language barrier.

UNDERDOG_MN> If the opportunity presented itself, would you direct another Highlander movie?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Hi underdog. For me "there can be only one" :) I loved the story and working with the actor. I'm sure there will be a pt.5 I've currently finished a screenplay that will be my next film and I'm working on a 2nd one for right after. That's 2 yrs. and the fan shouldn't have to wait that long for pt5

DAARNIOKOSKI> Dunknluvr--what's with the name? Something you want to share with the group.

DUNKNLUVR> Hi! Doug. Have you seen the final version of the film? If so are you pleased with it.

DAARNIOKOSKI> The film is going through one final "timing" print before it's done, done, done.

DAARNIOKOSKI> hi Amandahl!

Amandahl > If you have the opportunity to work with any of the actor again, who would it be and why?

DAARNIOKOSKI> I've written a part for Lambert in my current screenplay. A killer villain.

CONREPJAN> Oh, that sounds fun! 

LOVIEMACFRU> Hi Doug. Thanks for being with us this evening. What can you share in respect to the difficulties of filming an action movie such as Highlander.

DAARNIOKOSKI> Hello Lovie--We really wanted the fight scenes to ROCK!   So we did extensive choreography and training. We just wanted to take the fights to another level, and when you see the film I think you'll be pleased. The Donny Yen fight is sweet!

DAARNIOKOSKI> No points taken away for spelling -- I'm typing as fast as I can. I went to a public school. :)

CONREPJAN> that's ok, Doug....we won't tell your teachers.

 HARMONY00> Hi Doug, I'm Harmony. Let me begin by thanking you on behalf of Highlander fans everywhere for playing such an integral part in bringing us this movie. Given he difficulties you faced working in Romania, would you consider filming there again?

DAARNIOKOSKI> NO WAY NO HOW...............In a word............NO! Life is too short. The people are wonderful, but it's like trying to ice skate up hill in terms of film making.

LYNNHAV2TAT> No question, just thanks for taking your time to be with us :)

DAARNIOKOSKI> Tell me where you all are from when you sign write in.

ANGELEYES53> Hi Doug I'm the Pubic Relations Person for Highlander Fan Central *g* Central IL So did you discover a new favorite food in Romania?

DAARNIOKOSKI> KFP--The P had to be for Pigeon, it couldn't be Chicken. :) The Indian food is great.


JOHNNY1015> Hi, Doug! John from Indiana here. Kell's apostles create big potential for action. How do all those crazy new weapons work in the fight scenes?

DAARNIOKOSKI> We designed each weapon for the individual character. They all have a martial arts background, except for the Bat with Nails. That's my Road Warrior at Dodger Stadium touch. They certainly aren't you parents old swords like your use to for the last 10 + yrs.
DAARNIOKOSKI> Johnny, the Kell dinning room sword sits on my desk--my Kell shredder!

JOHNNY1015> Shredded wheat has a new meaning in the Aarniokoski household. :)

DAARNIOKOSKI> Indeed it does.

LYRIAW> NO doubt

SBO > Hi Doug! Welcome to this corner of HL fandom! With this first big directorial job behind you did you learn anything new that you did not expect?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Yes the pollitical two step. Film making is a passion--but it's a business first.

DUNCANSLADY> Can you tell us the running time for Endgame?

DAARNIOKOSKI> As I said we are still fine tuning, but it's under 90 minutes. It's a fast paced ride it'll feel like 30 minutes.

MERRIEGAIL> Merrie Gail from Seattle, evening, Mr. A.

MERRIEGAIL> The costumes in the flashbacks look very good. Were they made in Romania?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Yes. All the costumes where designed and constructed in Romania. They had about 50 people working fast and beautifully under the supervision of Wendy Partridge. She also designed Texas Rangers. She's amazing.

LYRIAW> Doug can you tell us a little more on this new project you are working on that has Christophe as the evil villain?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Can't give away too much. It's a thriller that is very much in the vain of the Fugitive.

LYRIAW> sounds great!

CONREPJAN> Doug, I have an 8-year old son, well versed in all things Highlander. This film carries an "R" rating. could he see it in your opinion?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Cover his eyes or take him to the bathroom during the love scenes. The are verrrrrry HOT. Other wise with parental guidance, I'd say sure. Language isn't a problem, we were very aware of the bad words and didn't use any.

CONREPJAN> thanks! He's very mature! LOL

JOHNNY1015> Doug, I interviewed Adrian Paul on Friday and he was afraid the Kata didn't make the final cut, or if so only as "a sliver." How much of it made it in?

DAARNIOKOSKI> There is a nice chunk--I'm hoping that on the DVD we'll be able to show it in it's truest form.

LYRIAW> excellent, glad to hear it Doug

JOHNNY1015> ROCK ON! Thanks, Doug.

DAARNIOKOSKI> Johnny--that'll be in the mail as of tommorow pal--enjoy.

HIGHLANDMG> Wow, I just got here . thanks for coming here!

HIGHLANDMG> how was it filming in Romania?

DAARNIOKOSKI> MG what's up. and welcome. You must live in LA--fashionably late.


LYRIAW> No Doubt

HIGHLANDMG> No, in Boston.

HIGHLANDMG> I could not find my way in

DAARNIOKOSKI> Romania was Haardddddddddddd. Wouldn't wish it apon anyone. Sorry.

JOHNNY1015> Have you been approached to do a DVD commentary for "Endgame," Doug? And if not, who do I have to bribe at Miramax to make it happen?

CONREPJAN> good question, Johnny! I'll sign that petition!
JOHNNY1015> I want this DVD so bad I can't see straight and I've not even seen the movie yet. :)

DAARNIOKOSKI> No bribe needed. They are excited to due the commentary and the Directors cut all in good time. I dig DVD's with comm. that's what makes them so great

APROTTWEILER> Sorry, I just got in here then got a phone call. I'm honored by your presence Mr. Director *g* Would you ever consider coming to a Highlander Convention? I can assure you fans LOVE the "behind the scenes people" almost as much as the stars. :) Well *almost *

DAARNIOKOSKI> The final result? You mean who ....... wins?

CONREPJAN> We don't want to know who wins, do we?? Just how the product looks as a whole, perhaps?

DAARNIOKOSKI> Convention....you guys have those? No........:) kidding. I was going to go to Denver but I was in London posting and it didn't work out. so Yeah the next one.


LYRIAW> Thanks a lot Doug for your time, I think everyone here enjoyed it. We will be logging your answers on this weeks updates. Anything else you want to tell everyone?

DAARNIOKOSKI> The product looks amazing. I spent the day with Adrian and the DP Doug Milsome and we all agree that it's going to be a kick ass ride. So hold on.

LYRIAW> Just one last thing Doug...


LYRIAW> I just wanted to tell you that when I talked to Adrian Friday he had lots of really nice things to say about you.

DAARNIOKOSKI> Well the feeling are mutual. As we walked on the beach with my wife and son we both reflected on how we really wanted to bring something that the true fans will love. I hope we've done you all well.

CONREPJAN> and we will be there with *bells* on come Friday!

LYRIAW> Thanks again Doug and best wishes to your wife and son, We'll be there in force on Friday.

DAARNIOKOSKI> We made this for you. Not us not the big company YOU. Enjoy.'

CONREPJAN> Thanks, again, Doug!

APROTTWEILER> We certainly hope it is great because my group is planning on seeing it 8 times the first two days *g*

LYRIAW> Thanks Doug, we hope you'll stop in again sometime

DAARNIOKOSKI> Goodbye to all. See you Friday night.

CONREPJAN> Peace be with you!

LYRIAW> See ya

ANGELEYES53> Night Doug! Til Friday!

JOHNNY1015> Thanks, Doug! Your dedication to Highlander and its fans will no doubt shine as brightly as your talent on Friday night! Peace.

LYRIAW> thanks Doug, for everything!

LYRIAW> We'll be here with bells on

DAARNIOKOSKI> Thanks Johnny 1015

SBO> Thanks for doing this for us!

JOHNNY1015> Thanks to everyone for coming ... this movie will ROCK! "Highlander: Endgame," a Doug Aarniokoski film starring Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert, in a theater near YOU on Friday!



Thanks to all the fans who joined into our chat despite the Network difficulties happening that Evening.  I also want to give special thanks to Doug for being such a great guest!

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