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F.Braun McAsh was the Swords Master for Highlander Endgame as well as for the final four years of the TV Series.  Here's a few things he let us know about the filming and the new movie!

Speaks to us about filming Highlander Endgame

LW: I understand that you have a small role as Adam Copeland's Henchman in Endgame. What can you tell us about that?  

FBM: Well I don't think I would be giving too much away to tell you, I play a Highwayman and I'm in one of the more humorous scenes in the movie, it's an actual battle sequence where I and several of the evil immortals attack the principal actors. It was a lot of fun to do. Even though I had choreographed it, I had to practice like everyone else.

LW:  What was it like working with Christopher Lambert? Was it really different than working with Adrian Paul, who you already had a four year history with?

FBM:  Well the first thing I was preparing to deal with was the whole vision thing, which never materialized. I was very surprised. He was there right on. He, just like Adrian is a very dedicated actor. He would always turn back to me and ask how the sequence went, was it 90%, 95% and he was always willing to do it one more time, always asking what he could do to improve on it. He wanted to get it right. He had obviously had some training on the Katana from the first movies, but just like with Adrian I had to teach him my terminology. But it worked out really well, Christopher is one of the nicest guys I've met. Both Adrian and Christopher did all there own stunts as well. They are both very physical actors.

LW: Did Donnie Yen help out with any of the choreography?

FBM:  Donnie helped out mostly with the martial arts aspects of the fights. He did a great job, I think everyone will be very impressed with the fight scenes in the movie.

Braun also spoke of the filming in Romania and some of it's inherent difficulties.

FBM:  Romania was very difficult. I mean the people there were going through some very real hardships and overall it was a difficult place to be. It's a very beautiful country and is very visually striking. The crews sometimes spoke very little English. It was a definite challenge. When we got to England it was a little bit easier, but the long hours were brutal and the weather was a definite factor. It was very cold and damp. 

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