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                          Welcome to my web site.  I am a retired journalist with an interest in photography and digital imaging.  What better way to output my work than to put it on the information highway  and make it available to my new friends from the internet world and my old friends from the real world. 
     The  galleries above do not include pictures of my family and friends. Those are scattered elsewhere on this site, mostly on pages accessed through links below. The pages show best on Internet Explorer.

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Photos from my Nikon Coolpix 8800

 Photos from my old digital camera. Olympus 3030Z 

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Links below are about friends or family members

David's clan ( Oct. 2009 and Chanukah 2008)
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New: Our 75th Birthday

 Lou's Family    Sandra's  Family   Sandra's Birthday Tree

David Tori, Caleb & Ollie--Florida, April 2002 

Jill and Jeff Get Married

Matt and Tatiana Get Married 
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