Bullies!  Are you afraid or have you got no friends?


You may be being bullied



You may be a bully

This website will give you some clues on how to have a happy life.


Listed below are some of the questions that

you may want answers to.


Why am I being picked on? 

Why are bullies - bullies?


How can I escape a bully?


What can I do to help someone being bullied?


 What makes me a bully?

  Where can I go for help?


Some information for parents   * Lions Skills for growing information


Crafting for Kids

Encouraging children to do hobbies like crafting and beading will not only hone their creativity but this can also prevent bullying. In fact, this can even promote friendship. When children are involved in group interests such as beading and crafting, they will gain more confidence to deal with others and they can feel good about themselves when they accomplish something.

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